We Got Married Episode 33 1/2

We Got Married Episode 33 2/2

We Got Married Episode 34 Preview

English Translation

Yong teacher givers her the lesson of the non-alcohol beverage
Y: Do you know what flavor this is?
H: Does it even have a flavour?
Y: Of course it does.
H: Orange? Lemon?
Y: No!
H: Then what?
Y: Non-alcohol!
H: Hmm….
(opening a can for her)
Y & H: Woah!!

(left arm is fixed but right one…. swing~swing~)
SO: He wouldn’t even have noticed he’s swinging the cans while walking arm in arm with her.
MC Kim: Since it’s a carbonated drink…
Drinking novice, Hyun buin
H: Hmm… so that’s it.
Y: Kkkkk….
H:What flavour is it, really?
Yong teacher proposes a toast….
H: We should, should shout something before the toast!
Y: For SNSD’s success in Japan…!
H: And CNBlue, too…!
The married couple’s first toast
(Yong: a big gulp like a man, H: comely)
H: Euuuah~!
H: Sweet potatoes~
Y: Here, have this.
(a piece of Goguma pie)
H: Thank you.
MC Kim: Everything is Goguma there.
H: Hmm~
Y: Oh, your nostril’s just flared!
H: That’s the signal that I’m concentrating.
Y: (observing closely)
H: Heheheh…..
What are you guys doing….

H: To be honest, really, before this marriage…
Y: Yes.
H: I didn’t have any male friends.
MCs: Wow~
H: So I felt really awkward around men…
Y: Hmm…
(Hyun buin became serious after drinking non-alcohol beer)
H: But, thanks to all your effort, I’ve changed a lot.
I’ve changed a lot….
MC Park: True, she’s come a long way.
H: Thank you, really. I’m always grateful for that.
Y: So, you’re grateful for that?
H: Yes, I am!
Y (being cheeky) What about other stuff?
H: What other stuff?
Y: (you said) 'I’m grateful for THAT.'
H: I’ve just said thank you.
Y: Never mind…
NY: That’s how you come to know about men.
JW: That’s how you(NY)’ve become a master.
Y: No need to thank me…
H: Anyway, I really meant it.
I really meant it!
Y: Yes, me too.
MC Kim: They talk heart to heart…
SO: Yes, who would’ve thought that she would link her arms with a man?
Hyun reveals her inner thoughts under the influence of liquor(?)

This night everyone becomes honest…
Y: Do it!
H: Hmm~
Y: Just say it all!
H: Say what?
Y: Things you’ve bottled inside, one by one.
H: What….one by one….?
Y: Just things you have in your mind, even if it’s really, re~~~ally trivial. Even if it’s as small as these (pointing at the crumbs of biscuits).
Yong wants to hear more about what’s in his wife’s mind
H: Ah….how….?!
Even if it’s just crumbs….
MC Park: Hahaha, he’s comparing it to the bread crumbs…
After much hesitation
H: Hmm…Ah!
H: That I did a shoot with Trax for their MV….did you see it?
Y: Yes.
H: Hmm….

This morning…
H: This is while making a MV with Trax.
Y: Ah~ Yes, yes, I know, I saw it.
H: With Jay, and Jung Mo.
Hyun tried to figure out his thoughts
H: Well, this is just a trifle….
Y: Hmm.
H: You don’t call often…
Y: Hmm.
H: I felt that, that… that way.(I found it’s cute that she didn’t say she felt neglected or pissed, instead ‘(felt) that way’, wishing Yong would get a hint)
The couple couldn’t keep in touch all the time due to their busy schedules
MC Park: Hmm~ since they’re so busy they appear to be not always in touch.

(backroom interview)
H: Whether is he interested in his wife’s life or not, whether he knows or not…Since he doesn’t express about that kind of thing and doesn’t call me often…
Since they’ve been apart….wanted to check his affection for her…
H: ‘Does he even know?’ I was thinking then. And even after he saw the MV, he didn’t say anything to me. It was a bit disappointing.
Does he know about her feeling….?

Y: I always monitor you.
H: Really?
But Yong was monitoring his wife all the time.
Y: Of course. Even when I’m flipping channels, when there’s your CF, I watch it till the end.
H: Really? Me too!
(suddenly happy)
NY: They like each other!
MC Park: Maybe they felt let down because they didn’t tell each other about those things.
H: When you google, it comes up anyway.
Y: What?
H: When I google my name, your’s next to mine (as a related topic or something).
Y: I’m not talking about that kind of thing.
H: So I happened to watch yours, too.
Y: That’s how you monitor me?!
Y: What do you mean, ‘happen to’?!
‘Happened to’ watch me, are you saying?
He’s finding fault with her remark…
Y: When I google you, it’s because I’m thinking of you. But you just ‘happened’ to see me?!
H: That’s not what I’m saying! That means I was thinking of you, too.
Y: (deep sigh)…
MC Kim: They’re arguing over nothing…!
H: Ah, really!
What happened to the heart-to-heart talk….
Y: Do you want to know how I feel?
H: What?
Yong’s signature pose, looking somewhere far away…
H: Why are you like this?
Y: Just for fun.
H: It’s funny.
SO: She knows how to control her husband…!
H: Since I told you one, it’s your turn.
(as soon as she finishes her sentence…)
Y: (counting on his fingers)
NY: What is he doing?
H: Woah, really! You must be joking!
Y: There’s something I want to tell you, but I don’t know how to start.
H: Take your time.
Y: Wait for me, like 30 secs.
H: Yes (what’s in his mind?).
Y: No, 45 secs.
H: Okay.
H: It’s been 10 secs.
Y: Oh, that’s too fast!
H: 5 points deducted (imitating the auto-tune voice of the test driving car)
Y: Woah, woah.
The painful memories of their driving tests
And finally…

H: What is it?
Y: No, I mean. Here’s what I think.
Y: Say, I didn’t call you first.
H: Yes.
Y: Then you could try… to call me first.
H: Hmm…
Y: I’m saying you could try.
H: Yes, you’re right. I understand.
Y: That’s it. You even don’t know how I feel~
H: Ah~

(backroom interview)
Y: I was curious…how much she… (wants to know)… about me…whether she monitors me as well….whether she knows what I’ve been doing…
Y: If she misses me, if she misses me, she can just call me.

It turned out, they both wanted a detention (?) in love…^^
H: It made me think…most of time, I’m not the type who calls first.
MC Kim: They’ve been waiting for each other to reach out first. Only thinking…(meaning no action)
Y: Why is that?
H: I-
Y: I’m just curious.
H: I’ll break it.
I’ll break it…(?)
H: I have to break my own wall.
I’ll break it…(?) I’ll break my own wall!
MC Kim: Woah~
NY: Yes, it’s necessary.
(is this…a wall???)
Y: Jjjjaeng~~!
H: I broke it!
Problem solved…??
Y: So is the wall broken?
H: Yes.
After they demolished the wall(?) between them…
Y: Talk to me (suddenly Busan accent), just as you do to your friends.
H: Talk to me… (imitating Yong)
Y: (Still in Busan accent) Hurry, already!
H: Ahahahah!
Y: No?
H: A friend?
Banmal since there’s no wall??
MC Park: In Banmal?
H: Hello?
Y: Kkkk…..it’s so sad!!
The wall of Banmal is still….It’s so sad
Y: I’m your husband who can be even closer than you friends.
H: Yes.
H: To me, it(husband)’s much closer than just a friend!
MC Park: Exactly! Think how much we’re amazed by how open she’s become!
To me…it’s closer than a friend!
Y: Ah, really? No~ it can’t be.
H: I’m different from other people.
H: (sigh) I don’t know.
Y: Then maybe.

He now understands his wife better even though she doesn’t speak Banmal with him…
H: I think everyone’s different (literally she said ‘every human being’)
Y: Why are you suddenly going all philosophical?
H: It’s impossible to understand all the differences in the beginning.
Y: Hang on, you’ve got dandruff on your hair.
H: What?
Y: How did you manage to flip the biscuit crumbs to your head?
H: It’s not me. It must be you who did it, while laughing. How can I flip it to my hair?
That’s possible…^^
Y: It’s windy these days…
Y: ‘Oppaah~’
H: That’s not possible.
H: Anyway, it’s resolved…
(smiling brightly)
Y: I’m going to ask this question, since it’s been a while.
Y: How many sweet potatoes have I got?
H: Ah~!
Haw many?
MC Park: We already know that sweet potatoes are good and hamburgers are bad, right?
JW: Yes!
Yongseo couple’s affection-gauge = sweet potatoes
H: You can’t just ask that out of blue!
Y: Here, there’re five sweet potato biscuits.
H: What are you doing? No, no, no!
H: Check it later in the backroom interview.
Later…in the interview!
SO: It’s pull and push again.
Y: Don’t you think I’ve had enough with the backroom interview already?
H: What?
Y: Do you know how surprised I am whenever I see your interviews?
H: What? Why?
The result of monitoring her backroom interview…??
H: Why surprised?
Y: Because you always say something different in the interview!
H: Hahaha!!
Y: So, since we’ve had this serious talk..tell me how many.
So…let’s be honest
(Y:counting) (H:springs to the action)
How many…
Y: One, two, three!
Y: Six?
H: It appears to be.
She’s given every biscuits to him…!
H: You’ve regained my trust just now.
Y: Really? You sure?
H: Yes.
Y: Don’t you say something different later~
H: Ah, really!
Y: Okay, got it!
H: Ah, really you’re too much.
Y: I was just joking.
H: I don’t know anymore what is joke and what is not.
Y: I was just playing, since I’m so happy.
H: Fine.

(backroom interview)
H: Six! He should know it’s really a lot.
Yong hubby regained sweet potatoes after such a struggle

PD: Which one do you prefer, sweet potatoes or Yong hubby?
H: What is that?! How can you compare a person with something you eat?
Sweet potato girl…abandoned (?) sweet potatoes for her hubby

H: How many have I got?
How many have I got?
Y: Close your eyes. I’m going to tell you.
H: Okay.
Y: I’m going to tell this in the interview.
Y: You don’t like that, do you?!
Yong never misses a chance to take revenge
H: Ah, well…
Y: Is it OK (if I tell this in the interview)?
JW: He’s so going to get even with her.
H: Try to think in my shoes!
Y: Since I know how many I’ve got, I’m going to tell yours later in the interview.
H: Ah….you are….
Y: Kkk…fine, I’m going to tell you now.
H: Fine.
How many sweet potatoes for Seo Hyun?
What? Just one??
MC Park: Just one?!
JW: Are they playing pull and push again?!
Y: Ready? One, two, three!
H: What? Just one?
Y: Everything, just except this one.
SO: (making a retching noise)
MCs: !!!!!
JW: Just give her everything!!!
H: Ah, thank you.
Y: Don’t you think it was cool?
MC Park: Did he just ask her whether his line’s cool?!
MC Kim: I mean, it’s just the same as ‘You can cry~’ (Nichkhun’s cheesiest line)!!! Just like that ‘YOU CAN CRY’!!!
H: Okay.
So they confirm (?) each other’s affection…

Y: How about arm wrestling?
H: Cool!
Y: I’m not going to go easy on you this time.
H: Got it.
Y: This time it’s different. Then it was the 22nd day.
H: We’re now well past the 222nd day.
Y: I’m going to start from here.
H: Really?
Y: I started from here, that time too. Didn’t I?
H: Did you?
MC Park: They did arm wrestling once in their 22nd day, and now again for their 222nd day.
The 222day-old Yongseo couple arm wrestling starts!
Y: Oh, you suddenly became serious~
H: I’m good, ain’t I?
H: No, no, no, no!
Y: Do you remember that day? Do you?

The 22nd arm wrestling
H: No, no, no!
H: Why are you shaking like this?
Y: What? Because I’m shaken.

(cf. ‘Ddulida’ means to tremble, to quiver, to shake and so on. But it also can be used when someone is emotionally charged, whether it’s excitement or agitation. So, Yong’s making a pun: Hyun asked why his ‘body/arm’ was shaking so badly, and Yong replied (I think) it’s because ‘his mind’ is full of excitement/happiness)

H: No! This is not happening!
Y: Hyun-a. Do you remember?
They’ve gotten so closer than before…
Y: Ah….!
But the mental age is still the same
NY: This is just too much!
That time as well…
Y: Aikoo!
H: Woah~
He let her win on purpose…
H: What are you doing?
Even the gesture’s the same…a total re-enactment
Y: You remember this, don’t you?
H: Yes, I do.
Y: You’ve changed.
H: Changed how?
Y: You’ve stopped bringing dried apples!
H: Ah!
Y: It just came to my mind.
H: The dehydrator has broken. Fruits come out all soggy.
Y: Why are you so serious?!
MC Kim: Oh! He held her hand! He held her hand!!!
NY: Yes~
(his hand) sliding~
H: I’m not lying. It’s true. It’s not as good as before.
Y: Okay.
MC Kim: (what…?)
MC Park: It was just a moment.
MC Kim: Yes, it was. Just a moment. A MOMENT.
H: If I get to buy a new one, I’ll bring them again.

Y: And, there’s one thing I want to say.
H: Yes.
MC Kim: He’s trying another cool line of his.
Y: That bad thing I did to you…
H: Yes.
The memory of a long-term pull and push…
Y: Please don’t do that to me.
MC Park: Pull and push?
You’re the one who initiated it…
H: I don’t know yet.
Y: You don’t have to do it.
MC Park: What?
NY: Why?
SO: Only because he doesn’t want to be a victim.
Y: Because we’re so close now.
H: (you…)
Y: Let’s not do that kind of thing ever again.
Y & H: (nods)
Y: The last!
It’s already after midnight…
Y: Seo Hyun and Jung Yong hwa….
H: For us!
For Hyun & Yong!
Y: Bottoms up!
H: Huh?!!
Y: Bottoms up.
H: There’s still this much left!
The couple builds (?) their trust overseas…
Y: That’s how you drink beer.
H: What on earth?!
Y: Here, this earth.
Wish you grow more mature…

Yong prepares a bed for Hyun buin
Y: I’m going to sleep in other room.
H: Umm~
Y: Don’t cross into my room~
H: I won’t!
Y: I’m going to say this once again, don’t cross into my room.
H: Got it.
(making sure the door is shut)
Y: Where should I go, in these clothes?
H: You should go to your room in those clothes.
(doesn’t want to go, keep talking)
Y: I may go to the convenient shop.
H: Haha!
Y: I’m going.
H: Yes, good night.
Y: (whispering) ‘Good night’
MC Park: Oh~ whispering!
H: (whispering) …See you.
Y: You can speak normally!
H (loudly): Good night!
Y (whispering): You’re going to wake up people next door. Shh…
H (whispering): Good night.
Y (in a normal voice): Good night!
Y (whispering): Good night.
The night in Japan is coming to an end…

(backroom interview)
After the trip in Japan…
H: My hubby…thinks of me a lot…even monitors me all the time…
Compared to how much Yong hubby thinks of Hyun…
H: He might have felt that I don’t think of him as much as he does of me. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have been expressing my feelings that much. I’m going to try to do that, one by one.

Y: I really worried over whether I should tell her my inner thoughts or not. If I tell her how I feel, I may look like a less of a man.
Worried that telling her his disappointment would make him look less of a man

Y: But then…that day…I felt that…okay, I don’t need to worry over such a thing anymore. I think the relationship is a process of adjusting to each other, changing each other. So from now on, if there’s anything needs changing, we should do it together.

PD: You sound all grown-up.
Y: I’m a grown-up. I’m not Yong choding.
MCs: Yes, you are!
Our proud Yong choding^^

A day in Oct. 9:00am
MC Park: Ah, it’s after the Japan trip.
Yong hubby’s alone in the house
(searching for something, whistling)
Y: My wallet, MP3…
(taking something out)
JW: What are those bags doing there?
(shoving them into his bag)
Y: And…a mosquito spray!
Yong hubby…why all the packing?

(backroom interview)
Y: Today is the day we go and look at sweet potatoes that we planted about 3 months ago.
Sweet potato harvest day
MC Park: Ah, it’s harvest day.
JW: Today even Yonghwa’s hair style looks like a sweet potato.
MC Park: Hahaha!
Yong in a sweet potato style?!
PD: How big do you think they are going to be?
Y: I heard that there is a sweet potato that is as big as a person.
PD: Really?
Y: It’s just my opinion.

(on his phone…)
Y: (why Hyun’s not coming?’)
MC Park: Is she is school?
Y: Hello~
H: Hello~
Y: Where are you?
JW: He must’ve been missing her.
H: Hello? Uh, something’s weird!
Y: You’re weird! Hello?!
MC Park: What’s going on?
Y: Should I just…!!
MC Park (imitating Yong’s Busan accent): ‘Should I just…!’
Y: She’s not answering.
MC Kim: She maybe somewhere else.
H: Hello?
Y: Hello!
She answered it!!
But…this place is...?!
MC Park: Oh~
MC Kim: Did she get her driving license?!
H: Oh, hi, oppa!
Y: What are you doing?
H: Sorry, I’m on my way. Was in school(?) earlier on.
(already melted)
Y: How many minutes? How many?
H: Uh…About 5 mins!
Y: 5 mins?
H: Yes.
(setting an hourglass)
Y: Okay, see you in 5 mins!
(smiles brightly)
H: Yes~!
H: Ha-ah!
MC Park: Seo Hyun’s driving a truck?!
Hyun’s hiding (?) in front of their house!!
MC Kim: Is that a truck, not a car?!

(backroom interview)
H: I... have a manual driving license!
SO: Did Yonghwa get his license, too?
MC Park: I don’t think he did.
JW: As far as I know, no.
(Since I’m so busy these days…)
As a proud acquisitor of a driving license…
(the last check before meeting her hubby)

Meanwhile! Oblivious Yong hubby is…
(never-ending love for his wife)
NY: Is he calling her again?
Y: Are you here yet? See you in 3 mins, okay?
H: Yes, see you soon.
Y: Okay~
Has to check on her every minute…
Y: Oh, one minute passed already!
(nervous nervous)
H: Why does he keep calling? I can’t answer the phone now!

Anyway, Hyun sets off with her truck
MC Kim: She’s really driving a truck.
(the phone keeps vibrating)
MC Kim: You’re not allowed to answer the phone while driving.
(what? Why is she not answering?)
MC Kim: Ah, Yong hubby is really…
(Is she coming? Is she?)
(Seo driver only focuses on driving)

Finally in front of the house!
Y: Uh…?
MC Park: Did he see her?
Yong hubby, found out already…?
(I’m here)
H: Hello?
Y: Where are you?
H: Arrived! Haha!
(honk honk)
Celebration honking
(heard everything..!!)
Y: Hey, over there!
MC Park: ‘Over there!’
(taking a glance)
MCs: Hahaha!!!
Shyly….I’m here~
Y: Kkkk….she’s got her license!

(backroom interview)
Y: Something in my mind’s been telling me that she’s going to get a driving license before me.
He had a feeling that she’ll get her licence before him…!!
Y: I was a bit surprised in the beginning, but since it’s something to celebrate…
(but his expression’s so sad)
Y: I envy her, but I’m not disappointed or anything. Of course not.
(cool Yong returns)

Y: Park your car! Parallel parking!
MC Park: He failed his test because of that parallel parking.
Y: So, do you want me to come down?
MC Kim: It could hurt his man pride.
(throbbing throbbing)
Truck date is perfect for their meaningful sweet potato harvest…
MC Park: Since sweet potatoes are heavy, the truck will come in handy.
MC Kim: Ah, that’s the reason!
Y: Hey, there.
H: Hi!
Y: Hahaha!
Y: Hahaha!
Y: When did you pass?
H: It’s amazing, isn’t it? I can’t still believe it!
A fine day in Oct., wishing a good harvest…
H: I’m going to show you my skills.
We’re coming to harvest our sweet potatoes
MC Park: This date will be fun.
MC Kim: Yes.

On an exciting trip, looking forward to seeing their sweet potatoes…
H: This is with my members…
Y: …my parents…
(Couldn't hear clearly what they're saying in the car, even though I've been replaying the part for about 10 times, sorry)
Y: Hey kids~ Let’s have some sweet potatoes~!!!
H: This is huge!
Arrived in their two-row field in Kanghwado!
Y: Is it a sweet potato or a tree?
Getting on with harvest!
H: It’s like ginseng!
Y: What is our field gonna be….(with Hyun) like?!
Can we expect a good harvest from our two-row field?

Translation Credits : J2dlee@Soompi
Video Credits : TheSoneSource16 / SNSDLivenew
Re-upload/posted by : avelyn@cnbluebeat
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[FANCAM + PICS ] CN BLUE at NII Fansign Event 2010.11.25

Credit to : Leamonako@yt

Sharing by : crystal_malfoy@soompi

source: nii.co.kr

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[NEWS + PHOTOS] Yonghwa’s Pre-debut picture revealed again 2010.11.25


CNBLUEs leader Jung Yonghwa‘s past photos revelead to the public again and became  hot topic. On 23rd Nov on an online community portal site was released “Yonghwa show past photos” as the subject is Yonghwa’s student photo.

Yonghwa‘s photos among his friends look very playful while posing his naughty expression. Having barbecue meal with friends, in the photos said “Ordinary high school student”.
Netizens comments, “just like the atmosphere-maker” “Even in the past, he was also a warm man ah”, “He’s really has innocent face and kind,”.

This Yonghwa‘s past photo revelead wasn’t for the first time. However, netizens have big interest to Yonghwa, and the attention was focused to his predebut pict.

Source : Tvreport
Translated & posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat 
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[PHOTO] Yonghwa & Minhyuk Endorsing Endorsing NII Brand


Source: nii.co.kr
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[PHOTO] Jonghyun & Minhyuk Endorsing Chris.Christy


Source: chris-christy.co.kr
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[PHOTO] CN BLUE Endorsing Fred Perry


Source: fredperrykorea.com 
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[SCAN+INTERVIEW] Special Cross Talk – haru*hana vol.002


Source: http://blog.oricon.co.jp/kawa-lily2
Re-upload: milkystars @ Code Azzurro

“Being able to do music, is the happiest feeling.”
“I wish the four of us can always be together.

With sophisticated music and appearance, the popular CNBLUE studied music and earned a lot of experienced in Japan even before their debut. Now, they will reveal their thoughts about music and each other.

“We’d like to do music for a long time more than receiving an award.”te>

In Korea, they reached 1st place on the music charts not long after their debut in January, while in Japan their 2nd single “I don’t know why” reached #7 on the Oricon daily charts and they also managed to finish their Tomeihan Live Tour successfully. These boys, whose popularity keeps on soaring, will now share what’s currently on their heart.< 


YH: We’re really happy that we can introduce our music to a lot of people and are able to do concerts overseas as well.

MH: It was really a good experience for us to be able to do music in Japan before our debut. There was once when we forgot to bring the house key so we couldn’t enter the house. That time we didn’t have money and often starved, that was when we had thoughts of going back home to Korea.

JH: It’s true that we are a step closer to our dream before our debut, but we have a much bigger goal. Our will to do music forever is very strong, so I think we’re still very far from what we’re aiming for.
You write and compose your own music, where did you get your inspiration?

YH: For me, I get good inspiration when it’s raining. An idea can suddenly pop up, or it could be from my past experience, but not much from movies or dramas.

Dance music is currently really huge in Korea, and there’s not a lot of band music right now. You are treated as idols sometimes, and you said that it doesn’t really bother you.

MH: We don’t really take that too seriously. Musicians and entertainers are both from the same field. We’re happy when we can make good music, and that’s the most important thing.

JH: The most important thing is that we work hard in what we do now. It’s possible to change direction after we get older. Isn’t there a saying: “You win some, you lose some”. (laughs)
Like other idols, their fashion style in Korea receives a great amount of attention.

YH: I like Japanese fashion such as Junya Watanabe COMME des GARÇONS.

JS: I like Raf Simons. I have once received YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) t-shirt and I like it very much and since then I like YSL as well.

YH: Me and Jungshin like star patterns a lot.
All of the members are attractive, handsome, tall, flower boys. It seems like they have been popular ever since school days?

JS: I’ve heard that Yonghwa hyung had to go home by a taxi once because he received too many presents on Valentine’s Day (laughs). No, it’s not true~

YH: It was not up to that extent. Jonghyun was more popular.
Among the four members, Yonghwa and Jonghyun are both from Busan while Jungshin and Minhyuk are from Ilsan. Recommended place from each city?

YH: Of course Haeundae! When I was young, I used to swim in the sea during summer.

JS: There’s a place called Lake Park. It has a very big lake and a very big park. When I was young I used to take walks, ride the bicycle with my friends or do inline skating there. As I am now busy, I haven’t been able to go there for a long time, but I really want to go there again.
They used Japanese during their MC time and seem to know a lot about Japanese drama and animation.

JH: I really like Kimura Takuya’s dramas.

JS: Me too, I’ve watched almost all of his dramas. From watching
Pride I became Takeuchi Yuko-san’s fan. (laughs)

MH: I also like anime, like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

JH: You also watch Love Hina too don’t you (laughs) (*pat pat* nothing wrong to watch Love Hina xDDD, well, most man do kekekk)

YH: I became a fan of Ueno Juri after watching Nodame Cantabile. I’ve said this on a radio show once, and when she came as a guest on one variety program in Korea, she promised saying, “I will come to your concert in Japan”. But she hasn’t been to any till now~ (laughs)
Throughout the interview, they completely showed their honest self, when talking about their future goal, they said it calmly, but it is truly a great one.

MH: We wish that we can do music forever more than wanting to receive a big award.

JH: We want to continue together as the four of us. A Grandpa band is great, isn’t it? (laughs)

[Questions to Yonghwa]

Q: When did you start to have an interest in music?

A: It was during my first year of middle school when I listened to pop group *NSYNC’s and Backstreet Boys’ music.

Q: Favourite artists?

A: The biggest influence in my life was when I heard Bon Jovi when I was in 5th or 6th grade. It left a deep impression on me.

Q: Favourite type of girl?

A: A cute and honest person. I’d like a girl who can understand me and support what I’m doing.

Q: Yonghwa’s impression of the members?

JH – When I’m not there, he can lead the team well, and for that I’m really thankful.

MH – He has a strong passion for music. He works the hardest compared to the others.

JS – He’s the fun and lively mood-maker. His fashion taste is similar to mine.

[Questions to Jonghyun]

Q: When did you start to have an interest in music?

A: I had an interest in singing so I started to learn singing. But then gradually I started to have an interest in instruments, so I began learning to play piano and guitar.

Q: Favourite artists?

A: Eric Benet, Brian McKnight, Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora.

Q: Favourite type of girl?

A: A person who is fun to be with. And a girl that just by looking at her, makes me smile without realizing.

Q: Jonghyun’s impression of the members?

YH – He’s active and cheerful. He can be playful but serious when it’s time to work.

MH – He’s calm and gentle. But he’s very enthusiast about drums, and I respect him.

JS – Fun and cheerful. He entertains the quiet me and Minhyuk.

[Questions to Minhyuk]

Q: When did you start to have an interest in music?

A: I liked classical music since I was young so I learned to play piano and flute. I liked band music after listening to Maroon 5.

Q: Favourite artists?

A: Maroon 5, Linkin Park. I also like classical music like Chopin.

Q: Favourite type of girl?

A: A comfortable like-a-friend type of girl. Age doesn’t really matter.

Q: Impression of the members?

YH – Very reliable just like a big brother. A dependable (trustworthy) leader.

JH – He’s the one who ties us all together, and helps us a lot in music as well.

JS – Playful. A comfortable same age friend.

[Questions to Jungshin]

Q: When did you start to have an interest in music?

A: During middle school or 5th grade, when my friend showed me Mr. Big videos, then I started to have an interest in music.

Q: Favourite artists?

A: American rock band Hoobastank, Maroon 5. I often listen to hip hop as well.

Q: Favourite type of girl?

A: Someone who’s open-minded and understands me. Like Japanese actress Takeuchi Yuko from Pride – that type of girl.

Q: Impression of the members?

YH – He leads us well. Because he has a lot experience in variety shows, he gives us a lot of help.

JH – Since he’s in the middle (age-wise), he acts like the mediator who connects all four of us. And I’m always thankful to him.

MH – Not just as a member but also a like-minded friend. We also talk about our worries with each other.

Source: haru*hana vol.002
Japanese to Korean Translation: Yurerukaze’s Blog
Korean to English Translation: blue_jus7 @ Code Azzurro
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[NEWS] CNBLUE Songs Ranking at 2010 Bugs End of Year Top 100


Bugs recently released the Top 100 songs of 2010. The ranking is based on the data gathered by Bugs Music from November 5, 2009 – November 3, 2010. You can check out the link here. Here’s the ranking for those who can’t read Hangul.

01 2AM – Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die
02 After School – Because of You
03 SNSD – Oh!
04 2PM – Heartbeat
05 C.N.Blue – I’m a Loner
06 Kara – Lupin
07 T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep
08 T-ara – Like the Beginning
09 T-ara – Going Crazy Because of You
10 Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
11 Baek Ji Young – Do Not Forget
12 Gain & Jo Kwon – We Fell In Love
13 Brown Eyed Girls – Sign
14 IU & 2AM Seulong – Nagging
15 Park Bom – You and I
16 U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni
17 Davichi – Time, Please Stop
18 SNSD – Run Devil Run
19 Younha – Broke Up Today
20 Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears
21 SeeYa, Davichi & T-ara – Wonder Women
22 Lee Seung Chul – That Person
23 HyunA feat. B2ST Yong Joon Hyung – Change
24 f(x) – NU ABO
25 SeeYa – His Voice
26 MC Mong feat. Mellow – Sick Enough To Die
27 Lee Seung Gi feat. 8eight Baek Chan – Love Taught Me To Drink
28 Hot Potato – Confession
29 Homme – I Was Able To Eat Well
30 Secret – Magic
31 Kim Tae Woo – Dreaming Dream
32 After School – Bang
33 C.N.Blue – Love
34 K.Will – Miss Miss and Miss
35 CL & Minji – Please Don’t Go
36 MC Mong – Bubble Love
37 Rain – Love Song
38 4Men – I Can’t
39 2AM – I Did Wrong
40 f(x) – Chu~♡
41 DJ Doc – I’m a Person Like This
42 Im Jae Beom – Stigma
43 IU – Marshmallow
44 4Minute – HUH
45 2NE1 – Go Away
46 2PM – Getting Tired of Waiting
47 Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
48 Min Kyung Hoon – It Hurts Because It’s Love
49 Mighty Mouth feat. Baek Ji Young – Will Love Come?
50 2PM – Without You
51 Super Junior Yesung – It Has To Be You
52 JYP – No Love No More
54 Gavy NJ – Sunflower
55 Son Dambi – Queen
56 B2ST – Shock
57 B2ST – Mystery
58 Gummy – Because of You
59 T-ara – I’m Really Hurt
60 Zia – Have a Drink
61 Kim Jong Kook – It’s That Person
62 U-Kiss – Bingeul Bingeul
63 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
64 K.Will – Gift
65 2PM – Tik Tok
66 SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
67 2AM – I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You
68 Secret – Madonna
69 One Two feat. Seo In Young – Bad Girl 2
70 Eun Jiwon – Siren
71 MBLAQ – Y
72 SHINee – Lucifer
73 Seo Young Eun – What an Awful World
74 2NE1 – Try to Copy Me
75 BoA – Hurricane Venus
76 Taeyang – I Need A Girl
77 Seo In Kook – Calling You
78 Hwayobi – Bye Bye Bye
79 Gummy – As A Man
80 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands
81 Sistar – Push Push
82 Rain – Hip Song
83 Untouchables feat. Brown Eyed Girls Narsha – Living in the Heart
84 Wheesung – I Even Thought of Marriage
85 December – Because Love is What I Learned
86 Seo In Kook – Love U
87 4Minute – I My Me Mine
88 FT Island – Love Love Love
89 December – Love is So…
90 SHINee – Jojo
91 December – Tears in Heaven
92 Jewelry – Love Story
93 SS501 – Love Like This
94 Seven – Better Together
95 Seo In Young – Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling
96 Seo In Young – Can’t I Love
97 Super Junior – Bonamana
98 Big Bang – Hallelujah
99 G.NA feat. B2ST Yon Joon Hyung – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Bette
100 Brown Eyed Soul – I’ll Move

As you can see, every song that 2AM has released (well of course excluding the recently released) is in the top 100. This is what I’ve been saying. 2AM is the busiest group of 2010. They are just everywhere this year. And given that, I think they will win Artist of the Year at least one of the year-end awards.

Source : music.bugs.co.kr
Credit : shockedfan.wordpress.com
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[SCAN] Yonghwa in Official Guide Book vol.2

Magz 1

magz 2

magz 3

magz 4

magz 5

magz 6

magz 7

magz 8

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