[ARTICLE + PICS] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa makes a surprise visit to Minhyuk 2010.11.19


CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa personally visited fellow member Kang Minhyuk in order to support him during filming for his first drama.
Despite being in the middle of his own show recording, he immediately rushed over to the studio next door after hearing that Kang Minhyuk was filming SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“.

According to a representative on set, “As his acting senior, Jung Yonghwa looked very much like the group’s sturdy leader and hyung, as he gave Minhyuk any advice he could in order to help him calm down.

When asked about what type of advice he received, Kang Minhyuk answered, “Yonghwa-hyung told me to do my best in whatever I was doing and make sure that I act with respect. I feel really strong and thankful for Yonghwa-hyung coming to support me despite his busy schedule.

The drama’s pilot episode will air on November 22nd at 8:50 PM.

Source + Photos : TV Daily via Nate & Allkpop
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[WGM] Seohyun Initiates Skinship with Yong Hwa During Their Trip in Japan


‘Wife’ Seohyun surprised her ‘husband’ Yong Hwa with sudden physical contact during their trip in Japan for MBC’s “We Got Married.”

Broadcasted on November 20th, the episode featured the couple throwing an impromptu drinking session between themselves, while staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan.

Jung Yong Hwa asked Seohyun, “Do you want to drink?“, to which Seohyun readily agreed, “Yes, let’s go, let’s go.”

The two left the motel and headed for the corner store in order to purchase beer and other snacks. However on their way back home, the distance between them must have felt awkward because Seohyun decided to abruptly link arms with Yong Hwa.

Immediately, Yong Hwa froze but quickly tried to recover his composure by stating, “What’re you doing?”

In a later private interview, Yong Hwa coolly revealed, “Isn’t it cooler for the man to have his hands in his pockets and let the woman link arms?”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite convince the MCs of his manly charms, since they witnessed his surprised facial expression after Seohyun’s stunt.

Source: Allkpop + Nate
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[UFO+TRANS] Jungshin Best UFO Reply


Fans: Jungshin-aa~ for the next album …(sorry don’t understand)… looking forward for your solo dance! aja aja! I’ll keep supporting you~ (heart)
JS: The rumor is there will be Lee Jungshin power dance for the highlight part

Fans: Nuna will give Jungshin a more more more better presents for your birthday next year! >_<
JS: You don’t have to~ Please just keep sending me a msg like this so we can have a chat. Don’t change!

Fans: Jungshin-aa~~ Nuna change my nickname. From now on, i’m Jungshinie fan~ kekek Lee Jungshin jjang~!! (jjang = the best) kekekekek
JS: Oo? CN Jungshin is cool. (her nickname now is CN♥Jungshin)

Fans: Today i went to the fashion show so i couldn’t have lunch. But i’m not hungry, coz i saw a very suave Jungshin.
JS: kekekek Why didn’t you eat? You should have eat first then come ㅠ

Fans: What are you doing? you’re not sulking, are….. you? hahahaha diss is LOVELOVELOVE ;ㅅ:
JS: kekekek sulking… my heart is very big like the ocean…………………

Source : cnbluestorm.com
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[VIDEO+DOWNLOAD] Acoustic Movie Jonghyun & Minhyuk " Bakery Attack "


And here download link for Bakery Attack !!! DOWNLOAD

*Enjoy watching bakery attack ^^ lee jonghyun & kang minhyuk daebak !!! *

Double triple loveee to chiara@codenameblue for sharing
Credit : mandalaywith@tudou
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