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WGM Episode 30 Unsub Cut 3/3

Some translations by armedbattle@soompi:
Y: Seo Hyun-ah go change into your costume quickly. See you later

Caption: Hyun Wife who has to get ready for SNSD’s performance
Sister-in-laws giving a warm welcome

SNSD: You’re all so swave

Caption: Finally able to catch their breathe in the waiting room

Y: My ear piece dropped and I couldn’t hear a thing

Caption: SNSD’s performance finally starts. Hyun Wife’s performance
Watching the performance, Yong and CNBlue
CNBlue Brothers-in-law who took the time to watch SNSD for Yong

JS: Let’s greet them

CNBlue: Its SNSD!
CNBlue: Its SNSD!

Caption: Finally, Hyun arrives!

Y: Ah. Seo Hyun really. Really amazing!!
Y: Its SNSD!

Caption: Its 9.40pm now. They have finally concluded their day’s schedules
After the performance, its just the two of them now

MC: It has been a long day for them
JW: It’s been tiring

Y: Ah. Finally ended
S: It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, right?
Y: Yea

MC: Why?

S: I feel as if we have grown closer after today
Y: Me?
S: With brother-in-laws
Y: Aish. With others
S: I wasn’t that close with them before
Y: I know

Caption: Yong is unable to figure out what Hyun is thinking lately

S: Is it funny? Why are you smiling?
Y: It’s not. What is funny about it?

Caption: Later... Back in their home
The idol-singer couple who has finally returned home form work together

MC: The feeling of coming home from work together must be good
JW: Of course
MC: Better than coming home alone
Y: Wa.. Home
S: We are home. Tired, right?
Y: I have no energy left. My eyes are red.
Y: Isn’t it red?
S: Its not that red. They are pink.

Caption: What are they thinking?

S: After today’s performance, we wouldn’t have much activities in Korea already
MC Jake: Ah. Their Japan activities

Caption: SNSD & CNBLUE embark on their Asia tour. An idol couple who are unable to meet for a month.

Y: I will be overseas every week too
S: Yes…
Y: SeoHyun-ah
Y: In our room, if you search carefully, there’s a pair of white socks
S: Socks?
Y: I’m too tired to move
S: What?

Caption: He wants her to help him change his socks?

Y: It’s a new pair
S: You want me to help you bring your socks here? Where is it?
Y: In the closet
S: Aish. Wait.
Y: (Busan accent) SeoHyun-ah. I’m so tired. Help me get a new pair of socks
S: Aiya. Really. Closet? We don’t have a closet!
Y: Not the closet
Y: Where is it? Bookshelf. Bookshelf. Search carefully. Its in the bookshelf
S: Bookshelf
S: I can’t find it.
Y: Look carefully. It’s definitely there
MC Jake: What has he prepared?
MC: He did it on purpose! Asking her to go in
S: Are you sure you put the socks on the bookshelf?
Y: Of course. Find it quick.
S: Got it.
Y: Can you find it?
S: How do I open it? I can’t find it. Come look for it with me.
S: Ah. What’s this?! Why isit there?
Y: Its your high school uniform isn’t it?
S: That’s right
Y: Didn’t you say you want to wear it?

Caption: Concerned with the uniform

Y: Your school uniform
S: Yes
Y: So I prepared this for you
NY: It looks like she has mentioned about wearing her school uniform before
S: Do I wear this?
Y: Me too. I brought my high school uniform.
NY: Are the thinking of the movie “(Sorry I don’t know what is it)?
MC: That’s right. I wear my uniform once in a while for fun too
S: Wa. I can’t believe this. But why are you doing this?
Y: I’m hungry. Do you want to wear your uniform?
S: I really want to
Y: Then where do we change?
S: I will change in our room
Y: Okay. That’s mean I have to change in the bathroom

Caption: They change into their uniform
BUT! At this moment

SO: What is she up to?

Caption: Brings her bag in

MC Jake: She must have prepared something too

Caption: What did she put into her bag?

MC: What did SeoHyun prepare?

Caption: A while later…
Busan High School Yong appears (Sorry, I’m unsure of the school’s name)

MC: They’re coming out.
NY: I’m so curious
MC: Wa~ He’s so good looking. He still fits into his school uniform
Y: Hyun~

Caption: This attitude… Busan High School student leader Yong

S: Yes
Y: Are you coming out?
S: I’m not done yet
Y: I’m waiting for you
S: Okay. Please wait a while

Caption: His uniform looks a bit tight

MC: Ah~ She’s so pretty

Caption: Tidying his uniform, Yong Studen

MC: It looks as if his uniform is tight

Caption: Finally!

S: ZZANG! I’m a high school student!
MC Jake: She’s still studying, isn’t she?

Caption: The first time the couple see one another in their uniform

S: This is amazing. This is the first time I’m seeing you dressed like this
Y: My uniform got smaller
S: It fits you
Y: You look like a model student
S: I don’t look weird, do I?
Y: No, it fits you

Caption: XX High School Beauty, Hyun

S: I feel so fortunate
MC: Didn’t schools always have model students like her?
JW: That’s right


QUESTION: What did you think of Yong in uniform?
S: He looked mischievous, someone who is close with his friends. A lively character who will work hard when he needs to. He will play hard during play time too.

Caption: In Hyun’s eyes, Yong is someone who plays and studies at the appropriate times. Model Student Yong who does things seriously
On the other hand, Yong’s opinion on SeoHyun

Y: She looks like a girl from the neighbouring school. I will pretend as if I didn’t see her and then my friends will say “Wa. Its SeoHyun” and I will act non-chalant and look at her for a moment. She’s pretty.

Caption: Yong who becomes shy after saying that

S: Why are we wearing our school uniforms?
Y: We are going out
S: Ah?
Y: Of course we are going to school
S: You are lying
Y: Didn’t you mentioned that you wanted to wear your school uniform and have red bean ice?
SO: Wa. They’re really going
NY: When did she say that?

Caption: Approximately three months ago, on the way to the driving school

MC Jake: It happened so long ago

Caption: Looking at students in uniform pass by

Y: I haven't worn my uniform in a long time
S: Me too. Let’s try that next time
Y: What?
S: Let’s wear our school uniform
Y: Why are you always making me do things with you?
S: Of course we have to do it together.

MC: Ah. He still remembers that

S: Do you like Red Bean Ice?
Y: Yes I do.
S: I really like Red Bean Ice

Caption: Uniform date. Yong who has prepared a 200th day anniversary present

S: Yes. I think I said that
Y: You said you wanted to eat Red Bean Ice. It’s a special day today
S: That’s right
Y: You know what day it is?
S: Let’s go. Hurry.
Y: What kind of Red Bean Ice do you like?
S: Just Red Bean Ice
Y: Normal?
S: Yes.
Y: The normal kind?
S: Yes.
Y: Do you know where we are going?
S: Of course I don’t
Y: We’re going to – (couldn’t figure out, sorry)
S: You are lying
Y: We are here

Caption: This is the place?

S: Ah. I’m tired
Y: Me too
S: So this is --?

Caption: 500m from YongSeo’s hom

S: --? Then where’s my school?
Y: Just walk down here
Caption: 200th day anniversary late night date.

Y: Wa. It looks delicious

Caption: In replacement of --, they have come to a small bakery

S: This is amazing
MC: I used to go to these cafes for dates
Y: We’re still students
MC: Students always meet in the cafes
SO: Which generation was that?
MC Jake: We also went to –

Caption: MCs who are deviating away from the main subject

S: Hello. Red Bean Ice please
Y: Red Bean Ice
S: Let me pay
Y: No
S: Thank you
Y: What are you thanking me for?
Y: Ah. I’m so tired from the classes today
S: That’s right
Y: The exams are coming. Let’s work hard together!
S: Fighting!
Y: Are you a Science student or Arts student?
S: I’m a Science Student
Y: Science Student? Then your maths must be good!
S: Of course!
Y: Then help me in Maths
S: Just ask me whatever you do not know
Y: Let’s study together
Y: Wa. It looks delicious. Thank you
S: Wa. Thank you! Let’s eat!
Y: Its delicious!
Y: We have to eat it even if it drips
S: I have dripped abit too
Y: Eat it!
S: Eating out so late, reminds me of our first meeting
MC: Was their first date at night?
Y: When was that? That was such a long time ago
S: It has been more than 6months. It’s been so long
Y: That’s right. I’ve prepared this date for us. What have you prepared?
S: Me?
Y: It’s a special day and you haven’t prepared anything?
S: We only sang a duet, do we need to exchange presents?
Y: I will spit it at you

Caption: Yong’s childish act begins again

Y: Hurry
S: What?
Y: Hurry
S: What present? I have nothing
Y: You really do not know?
S: Don’t know what? It’s just a duet
Y: You really don’t know?
Y: You really don’t? Sigh…

Caption: Why did he pass the 200th badge to her?

MC Jake: Wasn’t that on his guitar strap during the performance?
Y: Don’t act as if you don’t know. Give me my present.
S: 200? 200dollars?
Y: What’s 200dollars?
S: What? Wa. YSYS
MC Jake: She’s still doing the push-pull game. How long is she going to drag him?
S: Why is there 200 on it?
Y: How can you not know? You are SeoHyun. You really don’t know?
S: 200?
Y: I will spit it(bean in his mouth) at you.
S: What is it?
S: Don’t spit it at me.

Y: I don’t think I would really spit it out at her. SeoHyun wouldn’t not remember. But I really did not know.

Y: Our first meeting. From that day, it’s our 200th day.
S: Ah~~~
Y: You really didn’t know?
MC: She’s really good at acting
Y: I assume you have a present in your bag
Y: I will spit it. Quickly admit it.
S: Thank you.
Y: You really didn’t know?
S: I have been so busy latel
S: I’m sorry. Really sorry.
Y: What sorry? I thought you will know. Anyway, you’re going to Japan, it will be exhausting
S: Probably. And the language barrier
Y: Lifestyle changes too
S: Really?
Y: So I’ve one more present for you
S: What is it?
Y: I didn’t plan to give it to you but I don’t have a choice
S: What is it?
Y: I can’t believe I’ve made this
S: What is it?
Y: Ah. I can’t look at it

Caption: What is in the diary?

S: Can I look at it?
S: Then, I’m going to look at it
Y: Wait. SeoHyun. Look at it later
S: Later? What is it?
Y: Nothing special
S: I’m going to look at it.
Y: Please don’t
S: I’m going to
Y: No
MC Jake: Just one page
NY: Just the first page. First page
Y: Look at it later
S: I want to look at it now
Y: Then just look at the first page. Just the first two pages
S: First two pages!

SeoHyun's Japan Survival Guide

S: Wa. It’s cute
Y: Look at this
S: You drew this when we went to donate blood
JW: CNBlue has experienced life in Japan before
MC: Yes. They’re seniors
NY: So he wrote tips for her
S: I’m going to read it
S: This is so cute
Y: I’m cute?
S: Wa. When was this
S: Can I read it out?
Y: Read it in your heart
S: Japan Tour
Y: Ah~~~~~~~~~ You really can’t. The boss of the shop is around
Y: Japan Airport. Do you know their procedures?
S: I don’t.
Y: Read it out then.
S: First, give the air ticket to the attendant. Follow the instructions
Y: It’s good, isn’t it?
S: I will make use of this.
Y: Look at this. I drew the number 11 for you. But I couldn’t remember the number so I had to search for it on the internet.
S: This is good. The best.
Y: I must be crazy
S: This is the best
Y: At the back is Japan dorm life
S: The books I read don’t have this
S: When you travel alone at night, remember to bring your ID?
Y: If you travel alone without it, you will get arrested
S: Really?
S: It is written in such details
Y: If you travel alone, you can get arrested
S: Where did you get these information? It is really good
MC: He’s really thoughtful
Y: Treat the book with care. The pages will tear
S: I know.

Caption: Yong’s guide even includes food

Y: You must try that. Set A
S: Set A? Got it. I will definitely try it
MC Jake: He has been to Japan so many times so he understands it bette
MC: He really made this himself
Y: This was a fanmeeting
S: Wa~
Y: When you miss me, look at the notebook
SeoHyun compares the photo with the real person
MC Jake: She is checking if it’s the same person
S: Ah~
Y: SeoHyun (refers to the SH necklace he drew on himself)
S: Fan? (Hug) I’m fine with it. Because she’s just a fan. I can do that too.
Y: I know that.
S: Is it okay with you?
Y: Just don’t overdo it. Once in a while
S: Okay.

To: Sister-in-law
SeoHyun! Hello! This is your friend, JungShin! First of all, congratulations on your 200th anniversary! 200days! 300days! 1000days! Please last for a long time~ Please live happily and lovingly with our Yong-Hyung

Y: Those kids. Hahaha

To: Sister-in-law
Hello! SeoHyun-ah~~~ Hahaha~ I am JongHyun-ah~~ I am extremely thankful to you! After marrying you, our Hyung has been becoming more and more cheerful, he smiles a lot too! We’ll be counting on you in future!

Y: Does that mean I have been gloomy all along?

In future, there will be more YongSeo anniversaries. You’ve to live happily with him for a long long time. Yong-Hyung who is making me write this at such a late hour looks really romantic. When you receive this, you will be so touched and you would tear. And we hope your loving marriage life will continue~ Congratualations on your 200th anniversary! SeoHyun, fighting! SNSD, conquer Japan, fighting! YongSeo anniversary, fighting!
CNBLUE Drummer, MinHyuk

S: Wa~
Y: Why aren’t you reading the last page?
S: I was going to. The last.

To Hyun
Finally, it’s my turn. I hope this journal is of use to you. Although it doesn’t look much, I put a lot of effort into making it. Please feel my sincerity. Do you feel any regret now? Honestly, I felt that there were too many invisible walls between us. I wanted to tear them down, that’s why I did that. Please understand me, okay? From the start, although so many things have happened to us, these are all unforgettable memories to me whenever I think of them. Your activities in Japan are going to be tiring, complete them successfully. I’m always grateful to you Hyun.
From The Author, Jung Yong Hwa

Y: I’m really grateful to you.
S: Wa~ This is my first time receiving such a present
Y: This is also my first time writing such a journal
S: Really really thank you
Y: Please take it with you everywhere you go
S: I will bring it everywhere with me.
Y: When you’re done with it, let me read it again too.
S: Do you want to photocopy it?
Y: No. It will lose its meaning then

S: I was really touched. Compared to every other present I’ve received, this is the best. I was surprised that’s why I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say.

S: I must keep in quickly. Wa~ Thank you. I’m really touched
MC: After the long push-pull situation, she can finally pull him back.
S: This is amazing. There’re too many things in my bag. It is so heavy.
Y: Why?
Y: What’s that?
S: I don’t know too


NOTE: The translations are a direct translations from Baidu. Again, I am not 100% accurate and would have misinterpreted some things.

Video Credit : Citrica20@YT
Translation Credit: armedbattle@soompi
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[FANCAM + PICS] CNBLUE at MBC Pohang Science City Festival 2010.10.29


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Source : codenameblue.wp
Credit: JHY DC gallery
Credit:Kojimom's Blog
Credit: yseos@youtube
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[PHOTO] Yonghwa as VIP at Cesare Paciotti store opening 2010.10.29

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[NEWS] CNBLUE, First Japan Fanmeeting with 5000 fans 2010.10.29

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The 4-member band CNBLUE, held their first fan meeting in Japan, to show their gratitude to the fans.

CNBLUE's fan meeting "Welcome to BOICE JAPAN" was held on October 28th last evening in Tokyo International Forum Hall, Yūrakuchō where they met with 5000 fans who came from all over Japan.

On this event, CNBLUE sang their hit songs from both their Korean and Japanese albums such as 'Let's Go Crazy', 'I don't know why' which is the title song from their 2nd Single album that reached #1 on the Oricon Indie Chart and also #7 on the Oricon Single Chart, and also 'LOVE' and 'I'm A Loner'.

Moreover, memorable items from the members such as guitar strap and drum sticks that actually had been used in a performance, worn drama's outfit and hand-drawn pictures were put on display for a charity auction where all proceed will be donated to UNICEF.

CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa revealed, "We are in the midst of preparing for a new single and also at the beginning of next year we will be having a Zepp tour." The members then continue, "In appreciation to the fans who have always supported us, we are singing this song" then encore song "a.ri.ga.tou" started playing.

CNBLUE will kick off their 4 cities live Zepp Tour January next year in Osaka on the 9th, then Fukuoka 11th, Nagoya 13th and finally Tokyo on the 16th.

On Zepp: The Zepp music halls are a group of Japanese music halls covering every area of the country. The Zepp halls play host to many international tours and are a popular stop among Japanese musicians. Each venue takes the Zepp name, along with the city in which it is located.

Picture was taken from cnblue.co.jp
Source: Kuki News
Translation: blue_jus7 @ Code Azzurro
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[OFFICIAL PHOTO ] "Japan Fanmeeting" CNBLUE 1st Official Fanclub Event 2010.10.28


Source : http://www.cnblue.jp/
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