[ SCAN ] CN BLUE in Hanako Magz ( JAPAN ) No.981 Issue


Link for this Magz here Hanako 981

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[ UFO + TRANS ] Yonghwa UFO reply 07.10.2010


  • [Fans] : Yonghwa-ya~~ be strong~ although i leave a message like this, actually… noona wants to receive a little encouragement.

  • [Yonghwa] : Because i have a lot of energy, i share it with you! We will work even harder, in return. Please don’t worry

  • [Fans] : 1yr debut, congrats!! noona wants to be a cool fan, but, can’t help to feel sad. I want to see you.

  • [Yonghwa]: Don’t feel sad. Cause we’re trying to give a much better performance. Don’t worry and please watch over us. Ok~??

  • [Fans] : Yonghwa-ya~~ how are you doing today??^^ be careful of the cold~♥

  • [Yonghwa] : kekek yes. Ppiyakui-nim also be careful of the cold! kekek

  • [Fans] : oppa! 1yr debut congratulations ♥ you know my heart rite~? i love you ~

  • [Yonghwa] : 1 year… went really fast… in a way it feels a bit sad… Thank you. I will work even harder~

  • [Fans] : I understand it’s been a hard 1 year hoho But we, the fans, will always be your support,, Keep it up, be strong!!

  • [Yonghwa] : well even if it’s gonna be even harder kekek have to endure it. Hwaiting! kekek

Credit : 용플라워~ & 지나가는바람 @JYH DC
Translated by blue_jus7@twitter

Thanks to Fukiko for the tip

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[ PHOTO ] Jonghyun & Minhyuk at Busan Gimhae Airport 07.10.2010


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[ BLOG + PHOTO ] Jungshin Updates Oricon 07.10.2010

Hello everybody!!

It's JungShin.

It's been very long time.

How are you doing these days?

Previously, how was the Live performance the other day?

For me I was really happy.

I'm sure you guys also very happy isn't it?

One more thing..we have the Fanclub event!!!

Ah! And!

チケットsold out。。。!
The Tickets are sold out..!

Thank you very much.

Getting more nervous.

Let's meet at the Fan Meeting!

そして Asia Tour時の思い出の写真あげます。
And... Here are the pictures and memories during Asia Tour

Bye Bye

by Bassist JS

Translation by : rucci@cnbluebeat
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[NEWS] CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Minhyuk MV for ‘High Fly’ (Acoustic)

CNBLUE members Lee Jonghyun and Kang Minhyuk are participating as actors in the Omnibus drama ‘Acoustic‘.

Acting isn’t the only contribution from these guys as they also participated in the OST (soundtrack) for Acoustic and today the MV for their track ‘High Fly’ was revealed.

The Omnibus drama Acoustic is broken down into three parts. The first part stars actress Shin Se Kyung, the second part stars Kang Minhyuk with Lee Jonghyun, and the third part stars 2AM’s Im Seulong and Baek Jinhee. A music video for Acoustic featuring 2AM was also revealed last month.

Both Jonghyun and Minhyuk are scheduled to attend the Pusan International Film Festival for Acoustic. Remember to support the artist by purchasing the music.

Tips : alexpoppopopop + gyulee
Photo : Star News

credits :
picture as tagged
article by GhostWriter @akp
video by BOICEMinShin2 @YT
reposted by naz @cnbluebeat

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