[ SCAN ] CN BLUE in Japanese magazine 女性自身 NO.2463


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WGM Couple SNSD Seohyun and CN Blue Jung Yonghwa’s First Love Quarrel?


On the latest episode of MBC We Got Married, SNSD Seohyun expressed how she negatively feels toward her virtual husband Jung YongHwa.

Seohyun interrogated Jung Yonghwa as to why he didn’t greet her ‘happy birthday’ on the night before her birthday.  She expressively stated, “I was disappointed. [You're] Unappreciative. I’m not going to text you anymore.” To his surprise, Yonghwa explained, “I was waiting to send you one at 12 AM, but it was too late.” And Seohyun called him out again and said, “I got a lot of messages even after 12.”
Jung Yonghwa, to his defense, said, “I have a reason for not sending it.” This brought confusion and curiosity to viewers as he made it look like he has a surprise prepared for his wife.
Their cute love quarrel probably brought them closer together, no?

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[ NEWS ] WGM Couple Jung YongHwa and Seohyun Go On A Date in Japan


We Got Married‘s ‘YongSeo’ couple has left for an overseas couple vacation.
On the 16th, Nichkhun and Victoria visited Thailand, while Jokwon and Gain took a trip, prior to that, to Bali for a wedding photoshoot. It was revealed that the last couple of the show also took their own trip overseas.

According to We Got Married staff members, the couple recently left for Japan.
During September, Seohyun was busy in the said country with SNSD‘s promotional activities, while Jung YongHwa was also busy as a CN BLUE member. As the two were not able to spend any time together during the month, they headed for Japan.

The staff member stated, “Since they hadn’t seen each other in a while, they had a good time together. They both said that this was their first trip overseas without family.”
The episode containing their trip is scheduled to air sometime in late November or early December.

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[ NEWS ] Jung YongHwa uses the bathroom to escape from his fans


CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa left Taiwan early in the morning and his waiting room was surrounded by a large number of fans, he went to the toilet twice. Meanwhile The other three members came back to Korea yesterday.

Because the flights were all full. Yonghwa had to take the early flight causing hundred of fans chasing him at the airport. He was still smiling. After that, he and his manager was in the airport’s waiting room. On the same plane he was surrounded by fans. He couldnt help to hide in the male toilet because of panic.

Last night, CNBLUE celebrates at Japanese resto. Minhyuk said in Chinese “I miss everyone!” SELF: I like quiet and talented girls.” Then Yonghwa on the side pretended to be a “feminine” causing the people to laugh so hard.

* hmm scary..poor leader... *
Source : TW Yahoo News
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[ PHOTO ] Minhyuk for Fryderyk Dite Shoes Endorsement


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[ TWITTER ] Jungshin Tweet 27.09.2010


[ Jungshin Tweet ]
  • 안녕하세요~정신입니다 저희는 대만에서 어제왔답니다~모두들 추석은 잘보내셨나요? 맛있는 추석음식들이 그립네요…ㅠㅠ 이제 곧 있을 한국에서의 팬미팅이 기대가 되네요~~ㅋㅋ 그럼 그때까지 감기조심하시구 기다려주세요~~바이바이
[ Translation ]
  • Hello~ this is JungShin. We came back from Taiwan yesterday~ Did you all have a good Chuseok? I miss the delicious Chuseok food…ㅠㅠ Now, I’m looking forward to the fanmeeting in korea~~ kekek, please watch out for the cold (flu) til then. Please wait for it~~ bye bye
* I miss this tweet last night T__T *

Source : CNBLUE_4@Twitter
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[ NEWS ] New Drama for Kim HyunJoong, Nichkhun and Jung YongHwa?


Kim HyunJoong, 2PM’s Nichkhun and CNBlue’s Jung YongHwa are Korean TV’s current TV darlings, raking in ratings for their respective shows Mischievous Kiss and We Got Married. As soon as now though, they seem to be looking forward to a new drama gig.

The singers are short-listed to be cast in a new Korea-Japan collaboration drama to be led by production company M-Media. A conference was recently reported to have been held in Hamamatsu, Japan to talk this through.

Dubbed Cinderella, the drama is slated to run for a total of 20 episodes. The script is unfinished as of now, with the production roster still incomplete. Shooting is expected to begin in Japan next spring, with the broadcast due in Korean and Japanese TV by May next year.

Your favorite Hallyu female stars are also short-listed to cast, namely Song HyeKyo, Kim AhJoong, and Yoon Eunhye.

Source: Shizuoka Daily News
Translation: SS501ode@blogspot
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[ PHOTO + FANCAM ] CN BLUE leaving Taiwan


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    [ VIDEO ] CNBLUE - Japan Official Fanclub MESSAGE


    [CNBLUE] : “Hello JAPAN-BOICE!! We are CNBLUE!”
    [YH] : ” Many fans from Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo came to our show.  Thank you so much, we really had a good time.”
    [JH] : “Though we felt bitter about it a little※. We’ll show you better performance in the next live show.”
    [ALL] : “We promises!!”
    [JH] : “So, please come everyone!!”
    [MH] : “Our fan club event will be held on October 28th.”
    [JH] : “That’s right!”
    [MH] : “Many….”
    [JH]:”Fighting!” p^^q
    “You can count on it!”
    [YH] : “Thank you so much. See you in the next live performance!”
    [CNBLUE said] : “From CNBLUE!”

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