[ VIDEO ] Press Conference Listen to the CNBLUE in Taiwan ( ENG SUB ) 23.09.2010


Photo CNBLUE recording CTS 綜藝大國民

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CN BLUE Messages to Taiwan Boices at Warner Taiwan Plurk 24.09.2010


[ Yonghwa Update ]
  • : "안녕하세요 cnblue 정용화입니다. 오늘도 대만에서 좋은 추억 만들고 있습니다. 오늘 팬사인회가 있는데 많이 찾아와주시구요 팬미팅도 많이 많이 찾아와주세요. 항상 열심히하는 cnblue가 되겠습니다. 여러분 사랑해요 감사합니다!!^^^"
  • Hi this is CNBLUE Jung YongHwa. Today we also making good memories here in Taiwan. We have a fan signing today, and many came. we have a fan meeting as well, i hope a lot of people will come too. We will always be the CNBLUE who works hard. I love you all. Thank you!! ^^^

 [ JungShin Update ]
  • 안녕하세요 CNBLUE 베이시스트 정신입니다 저희가 지금 대만온지 3일째입니다!! 너무 재밌고 신나는 하루하루를 보내고있답니다 여러분은 어떠신지요??? 또 오늘은 팬싸인회가 있을예정입니다 
  •  안녕하세요 CNBLUE 베이시스트 정신입니다 모두들 건강히 지내시고 계신가요? 여러분들을 위해 벌써 3번째 글을올리네요 하하!!오늘은 팬싸인회가 있을예정이고 내일은 대망의 팬미팅이 기다리고있습니다 정말 설레이네요! 그럼 기대해주세요!!
  • Hi this is CNBLUE bassist Jungshin. We are currently in our 3rd day here in Taiwan!! It's really fun and exciting here. How about you all??? and we have a fan signing schedule today.
  • Hi this is CNBLUE bassist Jungshin. Everyone is fine and healthy rite? I have done 3 posts for all of you all haha!! Today we have a fan signing and looking forward to the fan meeting tomorrow. I'm really nervous. Please look forward to it!!

[ Jonghyun Update ]

  • 안녕하세요. 기타쟁이 종현입니다. 조금 있으면 팬싸인회에 가는데요 너무기대되네요^^ 여러분들 빨리보고싶어요~~~
  • Hi, this is guitar freak Jonghyun. If you have time please come to the fan sign. I'm looking forward to it ^^ I really want to see all of you (as soon as possible)~~~

    [ Minhyuk Update ]

    • ni hao~~ wo shi min he!! wo ai ni men~ Greetings~~ I’m Minhyuk!! I love all of you~
    • 안녕하세요~민혁입니다~~대만에 이렇게 와서 너무 즐겁게 스케줄 하고 있구요 지금은 멋진 정장을 입고 개인촬영을 하고있습니다. 조금 있으면 팬분들과 함께하는 팬싸인회를 할 예정인데 빨리 보고싶어요!
    • xiang jian ni men!!^^이따봐요 여러분~~그리고 내일! 팬미팅 미니라이브도 즐겁게 놀다 가셨으면 좋겠습니다 TAIWAN I LOVE YOU

        • Hi~ This is MinHyuk~ It's really great to come to Taiwan and doing all this exciting schedule. Right now we're wearing a really nice suits and taking individual shot. We have a fan sign schedule in a little while with the fans... i really want to see all of you soon!
        • I want to see all of you !! i'll see you all soon~~and tomorrow!! i hope we all can have fun in the Mini Live Fan Meeting.TAIWAN I LOVE YOU~

        Original Messages here : http://www.plurk.com/warnertw
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        Translation Chinese Pinyin : KCBlue@ Code Azzuro
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        [NEWS] CNBLUE came to Taiwan to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with glory, eating Korean cuisine


        Tickets for the Korean band CNBLUE concert at National Taiwan University stadium have long sold out. Members were very happy to see 800 fans welcoming them yesterday when they arrived at Taiwan. Korea also has the habit of celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. They also wished everyone Happy holiday on official site and twitter.

        Because of Jung YongHwa who acted in "You're Beautiful", the members' popularity in Taiwan increased tremendously, CNBLUE's 5th Japanese Single "I don't know why" reached 8th in Oricon Single ranking on the release date. The sale tickets for the concert are also sold out, showing the dazzling results of overseas development.

        Not only were there 800 fans welcoming them yesterday, there were a series of schedule to rush. After arriving Taiwan, they ate Korean cuisine and had press conference at the hotel they stayed. This afternoon, they will be having fansign session at Xi Men Ding at 5:30pm and tomorrow night, they will be at National Taiwan University stadium having their mini live concert at 7:30pm.

        Source: Now News
        Translation: fasintha @ Code Azzurro
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        [ NEWS ] CNBLUE Japan 2nd Single Release Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour are big success


        On September 16th, CNBLUE's long-awaited 2nd single 'I don't know why' was released, and together with that a Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour was held. The tour was held on September 16th at Osaka Nanba Hatch, September 18th at Nagoya Bottom Line, and lastly on September 20th at Tokyo Shibuya-AX.

        There was an interview before the live about the 2nd single. "While we had our activities in Korea, we were working on and made this single. 'Lie' and 'I don’t know why' have different cool feelings compared to our other songs until now; we want to express masculine vigor, to capture each of our delicate different styles. Lately Jung Yong Hwa started to try to insert synthesizer sounds and also many new experiments. So, these are songs that give feelings of various possibilities, and many feelings of love", they answered with confidence.

        'I don't know why' is an indies song, and it left a good result by ranking 7th on the Oricon Chart. "We were also surprised by that result, we were really pleased with this great result, and think that this is the result that we received from our hard work". Then about their plans for the future, they talked about their ambitions: "First we want to put out our strength to make a new album, the Japan activities that are in our minds now are also important, so we want to be able to perform better live".

        This is the first time their tour was held in three national places, Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka but "not only Tokyo, we are also glad that we can have lives in other cities. We were very impressed that we were welcomed in Nagoya and Osaka too. The live was fun, and also osukiyaki and takoyaki in Osaka were delicious. On our first visit in Nagoya, we ate Hatsumabushi. Hatsumabushi was eaten at three different times, but for each of the three times, the taste was different and delicious. We would like to stay in Nagoya and Osaka too", they talked about their joyful memories.

        "Now there are challenges in various genres of music. We are exploring something new in our styles, and from now on we want to find it. Please keep looking forward to us in the future", they said with enthusiasm.

        Then, we asked them what would they do if they had a day off tomorrow. They answered one by one: (Kang Min Hyuk) "Because I have many memories in Shibuya, I want to go shopping and walk in the streets that I used to walk when I was studying abroad", (Jung Yong Hwa) "I want to eat gyudon in the morning, to shopping in Harajuku in the afternoon, and perform street lives in the evening", (Lee Jung Shin) "I want to lie and sleep in the sofa all day, eat gyudonburi, then watch my favorite drama and anime", (Lee Jong Hyun) "I want spend that day going to the LiveHouse that we used to perform lives at when we were studying abroad, then after the live, I want to eat my favorite ramen".

        Meanwhile, tickets for the live performance at 6:00 pm were sold out as soon as the sales began. The standing hall was really crowded and stuffy.

        "During the live in June, Yong Hwa, whose physical condition was down, could not give all of his best, so today is the "revenge". In this live, CNBLUE will show all released songs", he said, and the hot live was held.

        Before debut, CNBLUE who were trained and performed street lives, said that "We want to do street lives again!" Also on September 28th it was reported that a live for fan-club members only had been decided.

        CNBLUE fans are increasing rapidly, even some people wish that their lives are held in a large venue. They desire to work on mainly performing lives, that capitalize their band's special quality. From now on, it seems like the struggle between fans to get live tickets will continue.

        Tokyo = Nozaki Tomoko, the correspondent.

        Source: Chosun Online & Code Azzuro
        Translation: AzureAoi @ CodeAzzurro
         Re-Post : ninie@cnblubeat
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        [ VIDEO ] CNBLUE News on Taiwanese Media 23.09.2010


        [ 韓國首席型男樂團 CNBLUE訪台記者會 問候影片 by iNmusic ]

        [ UBN News-CNBLUE in Taiwan ]

        [ MTV Ent. News ]

        Video credit to : 77amika, yinglisa5387, ETTVnews, iloveinmusic @ youtube

        Thanks to chiara@twitter for sharing
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        [NEWS] CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa and Calvin Chen were once a pair of lovers?


        Fans long awaited "South Korea's chief stylish male band" CNBLUE specially chose to visit Taiwan during the Mid-Autumn Festival, spending the Mid-Autumn together with Taiwanese fans. As soon as the CNBLUE members stepped off the aeroplane, although it was nearly 10PM at night, they still professionally headed straight to MTV JKPOP's recording studio. Originally there was an authentic Mid-Autumn barbecue planned, however CNBLUE's amazing charms triggered a large number of fans around to watch. In fear of causing a riot and impacting the surrounding residents, the plan had to be cancelled reluntantly, which was a pity for CNBLUE and the fans present.

        Although there was no barbecue, the producers still prepared pomelos for the occasion. The mischievous CNBLUE members one by one drew on the pomelos, and signed them with their autograph to present to JKPOP for lucky fans. JKPOP's host Calvin Chen teasingly said that, although it is his first time meeting CNBLUE, however because their news are often broadcast, it feels as though they are old friends that have known each other for long. CNBLUE also immediately expressed that Calvin Chen looked very familiar, both sides quickly building up a bridge of friendship. Because of South Korean drama You're Beautiful, Yong Hwa has become very popular, so the host asked for a demonstration of sexy acting on the spot, preparing a feast for fans' eyes. Calvin Chen, who had previously acted in idol dramas, itched to show of his skills on the spot too, requesting to act together with Yong Hwa in a passionate scene as lovers, who have not seen each other for a long time, meeting on the street by chance and embracing deeply. The two that like to act were really into the acting, causing the CNBLUE members and staff on site to laugh!

        Since it's the rare chance that CNBLUE visit Taiwan, the host prepared photos of a number of Taiwanese female stars as an unavoidable custom, asking CNBLUE to choose the ones they admire. If you want to know which female stars CNBLUE picked, as well as Yong Hwa's driving test embarassment, the members exposing secrets, and also Calvin Chen teaching everyone to sing 'Super Hot', leading CNBLUE to be dumbfounded, and other spectacular content, please watch MTV JKPOP on 18th and 19th October!

        T/N: 'Super Hot' is Fahrenheit's new single.

        Source : MTV Taiwan & Code Azzuro
        Credit Translation: milkystars @ Code Azzurro
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        [ PRESSCON ] CNBLUE members expose each other’s secrets 23.09.2010


        Korean boy band CNBLUE visit Taiwan for the first time. A press conference was held today to celebrate their new album winning double platinum. And the members played quick question and answer game. Leader Jung Yonghwa exposed his bandmates’ secrets and made fans laugh out loud.

        It’s CNBLUE’s first visit to Taiwan. They play quick quiz in the press conference this afternoon, members joke about others, exposing little secrets. Bassist Lee Jungshin is asked how he feels about the other members. He says guitarist Lee Jonghyun has a bright personality. As for Kang Minhyuk, he doesn’t has special feelings for they have been good friends.
        Lee Jungshin says Jung Yonghwa is just like his hyung. Before he can continue, Jung Yonghwa explains his answer. He says Lee Jungshin's saying this means he just doesn't have any charm. He tells Lee Jungshin, "I didn't have much feelings about you when I first saw you anyway, except that you're tall!"

        Jung Yonghwa is known to be fashion-trend sensitive and so is asked which member spends most time dressing up before going out. Jung Yonghwa says he considers much even picking a matching accessory, but he isn't the one who spends most time. He reveals that though Lee Jonghyun doesn't bother to choose outfits and stuff, he is always the one who gets ready the latest.

        CNBLUE are asked which member cries most often. All agree that Minhyuk does. They say for most people, if one knocks one's foot at a table leg accidentally and feels hurt, one would just hold the foot and shout a bit. But Kang Minhyuk will go lie on his bed and cry as he complains about the pain. Kang Minhyuk rebuts that it's not that he likes crying, it's just that his tears just flow out naturally.

        * minhyuk always crying? aigoo..my lovely dracula..nunna here for u kkk*

        Translation credit to : klaritia@soompi
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        More Photos CN BLUE at Taoyuen International Airport Taiwan 22.09.2010


        Credit to : now.news.com & Joenovaloon @soompi
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