[ PHOTO ] Listen to the CNBLUE in Taipei Press Conference 23.09.2010

cr : warner music taiwan @plurk

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cr : i'm tv@fb

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[NEWS] CNBLUE, the first KPOP artist to receive a double platinum album sales in Taiwan


CNBLUE is the first Korean artist to record a double platinum.

According to Taiwan Warner Music, who is responsible for CNBLUE's album distribution in Taiwan, CNBLUE's 1st mini album 'Bluetory' and 2nd mini album 'Blue Love' had been sold 10,000 copies each. It's called Double Platinum because both albums reached Platinum sales around the same time.. 10,000 copies need to be sold in order to get a Platinum award in Taiwan.

In the meantime, other KPOP groups such as DBSK, Super Junior and SS501 also released albums in Taiwan, however CNBLUE is the first artist to be awarded with Platinum for 2 albums at the same time. Warner Music Taiwan said, "Double Platinum is a rare case."

CNBLUE managed to grab 1st spot in Taiwan major music chart such as, G-Music chart and Five Music and also reached high rank in the Mobile Chart.

* omgeee !! crying read this news...i'm proud be a boice ^^ *

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More News about CN BLUE in Taiwan ( 23.09.2010 )

Credit : Apple Daily Taiwan

23 Sep 中國時報

Korean Pretty boy band CNBLUE arrived on 22nd Sep Night, over 800 fans welcomed them at the airport. Some fans even hit the idol van's window hysterically, the airport police had to step in to control the situation.

They filmed MTV "日韓音樂瘋" last night, and spent the Mid Autumn Festival BBQ-ing with Fahrenheit's Chen Yi Ru. CNBLUE will be having their fansign at Xi Men Ding tmr, only 200 fans will get the sign. They've already started queueing 3 days ago.

They sure are workaholics (or maybe FNC, instead), work without resting. sigh.
Hopefully they had fun bbq-ing too!


23 Sep 聯合報╱文/江芷稜

CNBLUE put on make up while eating their korean dinner, and quickly rushed down to MTV studio for recording all the way until 11.30 pm at night, rather professional.

Wow, put on make up while eating dinner... Can't they eat peacefully?
Hopefully they don't overwork themselves!

23 Sep 蘋果日報 CNBLUE Slept away 930000 TWD (SGD40000)

CNBLUE is staying in a TWD58000 suite for 5 days 4 nights, sleeping away TWD930000 (SGD40000).

After they arrived, they went to record "綜藝大國民" immediately.
Yong Hwa expressed that he was glad to see everyone.

They are going to hold their press conference at their hotel today.  

WOW! The taiwan hosts are indeed making sure CNBLUE has an excellent hotel stay.

Good that they are so nice to CNBLUE, hopefully CNBLUE's event will be succesful!

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[ PHOTO ] CN BLUE for Lacoste & Andew Endorsement


[ Lacoste Endorsement ]


[ Andew Endorsement ]

source: http://blog.naver.com/seongha7771 

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[ PHOTO ] CNBLUE at MTV Taiwan JKPop Recording 22.09.2010


[ VIDEO TW MTV channel reports on CNBLUE arrival ]

* wow CN BLUE with Fahrenheit boy :D * 

Credit : http://www.facebook.com/MTVTaiwan
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[ FANCAM + PHOTO ] CN BLUE Arrival at Taoyuen International Airport Taiwan 22.09.2010


credit: ax351153@youtube

credit: gail7411@youtube

credit: Ryuiki@youtube

credit : free1015aki@youtube

* Yonghwa with leggings..cute kkk *

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[ ARTICLE ] CNBLUE Interview by Singtao Daily HK 2010.08.27


Brief translation by klaritia@soompi

CNBLUE says they’re happy to see fans who’ve been very enthusiastic welcoming them, the moment they arrived at the airport. They even follow their van. 

MH: I’ll wave to them if I haven’t fallen asleep.

JS: HK fans really love us much.

They like the night scenery here.
Jonghyun reveals he was admiring the night view when showering the other night. He wants to come again.

They didn’t expect to be so popular so soon. 
YH: Even we aren’t popular, we’ll keep doing music. Bandmates say YH is the most popular but he says all the 4 are popular. They have never quarreled. They’ll focus on music but will try other works like drama too. New album to be out in Oct.

* Jonghyun...icic..icic..*

Source :http://news.singtao.ca/ 
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[ TWITTER ] Yonghwa Tweet 22.09.2010


[ Yong tweet ]

안녕하세요 용화에요ㅋ 오늘잠깐한국의공기를마시고다시대만으로슝~늘응원해주실꺼죠?추석인데 모두 가족과 즐거운 시간 보내세요^-^

[ Translation ] 

Hi this is Yonghwa kekek I breath the korea air for a bit today then shooong went to taiwan~ you're always gonna cheer for us right? It's chuseok. Everyone have a good time with your family ^-^

Source : CNBLUE_4@twitter
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