[ TWITTER ] Jonghyun Tweet About Chuseok Day 22.09.2010



[ Jonghyun Tweet ]

안녕하세요. 기타쟁이 종현입니다. 추석 잘 지내고 계시죠? 시간 참 빠르네요.. 훗! 즐거운 한가위 되세요! 다녀오겠습니다 ~~

[ Translation ]

Hello, this is guitar freak, Lee Jonghyun. Did you have a happy Chuseok? Time flies so fast.. fufufu^^! Enjoy your holiday. Have  to go now See you ~~

* i miss Our Burning Jonghyun so much T.T *

Thanks to Fizzy & 2kiko @twitter for Eng translation
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[ NEWS ] CNBLUE’s song "Loner" Ranks #1 in TOP20 Plagiarized Controversies 19.09.2010



A total of 20 songs have been swept up in legitimate plagiarism controversies since 2000, and it has recently been revealed by the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications that the royalties earned by these songs total to $1,724,138 USD.
Jin Sungho of the Committee revealed a series of documents submitted by the Korea Music Copyright Association describing the situation behind royalties received by composers that have plagiarized. According to the document, the court has found a total of 20 songs to be plagiarized, some including MC Mong’s “Letter to You,” Hyori’s “I’m Back” and “Swing,” Lee Seung Ki’s “Mask,” Son Dambi’s “Saturday Night,” Lee Seung Chul’s “Scream,” CNBlue’s “Loner,” and GDragon’s “Heartbreaker.” The problem lies in the fact that royalty payments of nearly $250,000 USD per song were paid without any clear standards, totaling nearly 2 million USD.
Further investigation reveals that in the case of song ‘Q,’ which was released in 2009, it has totaled $250,000 USD in royalties in the year it’s been active.
In the case of song ‘R’, it received $230,000 USD in royalties since its release in 2004. Out of the 20 plagiarized songs listed over the past 10 years, nine songs were paid over $100,000 USD in royalties.
The most recent controversial song, ‘G’, received $700 USD in the four months it was active.
Jin Sungho went on to state, “To plagiarize is to steal a creation by someone else. It is unjust for royalties to be paid when songs are found to be plagiarized and/or suspected to be plagiarized. We will be aggressively pressing the government offices to create a guideline on plagiarism in order to protect the rights of music producers.”


Sebanyak 20 lagu telah disenaraikan dalam kontroversi plagiarism sejak tahun 2000 dan baru-baru ini ‘Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications’ telah mendedahkan bahawa royalti yang dikumpul dari lagu-lagu ini adalah sebanyak $1,724,138 (USD)
Jin Sungho dari Committee itu mendedahkan beberapa dokumen yang diserahkan ‘Korea Music Copyright Association’ yang menerangkan situasi di belakang royalti yang diperoleh oleh komposer yang telah melakukan plagiarism. Berdasarkan dokumen, mahkamah telah mendapati sebanyak 20 lagu telah diciplak, beberapa yang termasuk adalah lagu MC Mong (Letter to You), Hyori (Im Back dan Swing), Lee Seung Gi (Mask), Son Dam Bi (Saturday Night), Lee Sung Chul (Scream), CNBlue (Loner) dan GDragon (Heartbreaker). Masalah ini berpunca dari fakta iaitu bayaran royalty hampir $250,000 USD bagi sebuah lagu dibayar tanpa standard yang jelas, jumlah keseluruhan hampir 2juta USD.
Penyiasatan lanjut menunjukkan lagu ‘Q’ yang telah keluar pada tahun 2009, telah mengumpul sebanyak $250,000 USD royalty pada tahun ia aktif.
Bagi lagu ‘R’ pula, ia mengumpul sebanyak $230,000USD royalti sejak ia keluar pada tahun 2004. Dari kesemua 20  buah lagu yang disenaraikan dari sepuluh tahun yang lalu, 9 lagu dibayar $100,000 USD royalty.
Lagu yang paling berkontroversi adalah lagu ‘G’ yang menerima $700USD dalam 4 bulan ia aktif.
Jin Sungho menerangkan, “Menciplak adalah perbuatan mencuri ciptaan seseorang lain. Ia tidak betul apabila royalti dibayar sedangkan lagu itu diciplak atau disyaki diciplak. Kita akan menekankan isu ini kepada pejabat kerajaan supaya ada garis panduan bagi isu penciplakan bagi melindungi hak penulis/penerbit lagu”

Credit : Everyday Economy
Source : Allkpop
Sharing by : cnbluestorm.com
Malay Translation by  : nadira@cnbluebeat
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[ PHOTO ] Yonghwa WGM Filming in Japan 21.09.2010


* Yong look so happy...icic...Yongnaaa i want ice -cream too ;D *

Source : Soompi SeoHwa
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[ PHOTO + FANCAM ]Listen to the CNBLUE Japan (Tokyo) at Shibuya-AX 20.09.2010


[ Fancam of Wanna Be Like You ]

 Photo Sharing by : Jillwiththecraft @soompi  & 2kiko@twitter
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Credit to : minhyuuuuk@youtube
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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Due date for T-Shirt Payment Extended.

Hello everybody!

Due to some changes and problems occurs, we have to extend the due date for the T-Shirt payment. For those who already pay, don't worry your orders are save with us. So, those who still interested to buy you can still order at anytime until we announce the new due date. (we'll announce probably around 2-3 days from now)

We are very sorry about this. We will try to give the best for you guys. Thank you for keep supporting us.
Please wait for our next announcement.


Update as 9.30am
Our birthday project still go on since some Boices still want to contribute and send their gifts to our boys. But please make sure it will reach us end of this month (September). We know it's kinda late already, but better late than never right?
Anything just email us at cnbluemalaysiafc@gmail.com

Thank you.
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