[ VIDEO ] Ch7 KanPak With CNBlue ( ENG SUB ) 09.09.2010


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[ VIDEO ] ETN News – Acoustic Interview 13.09.2010


Download: ETN Acoustic
credit: GomTV + klaritia@soompi

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[ PHOTO ] Yonghwa for Chris.Christy Endorsement


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[ FANCAM + FANPICS ] CN BLUE at Suvarnabhumi Airport 08.09.2010



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[ TWITTER ] Jungshin & Yonghwa tweet 13.09.2010

Jungshin tweet about Japanese Album Release and his Birthday

여러분~잘지내셨습니까? 정신입니다 지금은일본앨범릴리즈기념공연연습중입니다!15일에일본으로또떠난답니다 ㅠㅠ….지금까지씨엔블루사랑해주셔서감사합니다흑흑…. 장난이구요!ㅋㅋ또 15일은제생일이랍니다!짝짝짝 감사합니다…모두들건강히지내고계세용


Hi,everybody~ How are you? This is JungShin. Right now I’m practicing to prepare for the Japanese album release concert. I will leave for Japan on 15 Sept. TT__TT Thank you for your love to CNBLUE. Huhu. It’s just a joke. It’s my birthday on 15 Sept. Clap clap clap. Thank you. Please take care.

Jungshin Twitpic "a picture with my essential bass in the practice room"

And Yong sent one tweet later^^


Yonghwa / In the middle of practicing for Japan concert!!! Aaa very nervous kekek We’ll be the CNBLUE who do a lot of concerts kekek hope a lot of people come to see us kekek

Source : CNBLUE official twitter account
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[ VIDEO ] CN BLUE Interview at HOT 91.5 FM 09.09.2010


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[ VIDEO + PHOTO ] CNBLUE Interview @ NineEntertain 09.09.2010


All: Hello, We are CNBLUE!
MH: I’m Minhyuk, the drummer.
YH: I’m Yonghwa, I’m lead singer and guitarist.
JH: I’m Jonghyun, I’m lead singer and guitarist. (Both of them said the exact same thing lol)
JS: I’m Jungshin, bassist.
(The boys introduced themselves in Thai. oh, so cute xD Jungshin pronunciation is really clear) 

Q: Is this the first time you come to Thailand?
YH: This is the third time for me but the second for the other members. Every time we’ve visited, the fans gave us such a warm welcome so I’m very happy.
(The interviewer said that there were a lot of fans waiting outside since they couldn’t come in. Then the boys flaunted their Thai language skills saying ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ xD)
Yonghwa then responded to the question about the event that there will be a fan meeting and mini live this 11 September and that they were preparing the performances and surprises.
Then they went on with the question about the name CNBLUE. Minhyuk then explained each alphabet and Yonghwa said ‘cute’ in Thai to Minhyuk when he talked about himself being Lovely lol

Q: How did you meet and form the band?
JS: Because every members love music and instruments so all of us happened to meet at the agency and went to audition.
Q: Why did you choose to debut in Japan first?
JH: We didn’t intend to debut in Japan, we went there to study about music. But because of that, we gained a lot of knowledge from Japan.

Q: There are English songs in your album. So are you ready to break into International market?
YH: Since English is global language, we decided to have English songs to appeal to more audiences. If we have opportunity studying Thai language then we may release a song with Thai title too.
(Yonghwa then do an adlib with ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ in Thai loll)

Q: There are a lot of dance groups in Korea. What do you think makes you stand out from the other groups?
MH: The most obvious difference is that we are a band as in playing our own instruments. And we always interact with our fans like looking straight into their eyes and enjoying ourselves on the stage so these are like our charm.

Q: How many instruments each of you can play? And when did you start?
MH: I’ve tried drumming since I was a kid so I’m really used to it. I also know flute and piano which I always practice a bit here and there till now.
YH: I’ve played guitar for 4 years. Other than that, I played piano since I was 6 or 7 years old and also the clarinet.
(The translator went on with how he wants to learn more instruments and the interviewer joked about how Yonghwa will play every instruments by himself for his own album.)
JH: I’ve always interested in music but not until Grade 10 that I decided to get serious about it. I started with singing then I went on to play piano and after that, I learned guitar.
JS: I grew up with people around me playing guitar and drum so I learned them naturally. I started learning bass three years ago and I like it so I ended up playing bass till now.

Q: What are your ideal types? (Jungshin is so cute imitating the interviewer’s talking speed. He speaks really fast even I have to admit)
MH: I actually like a girl that feels like a friend.
YH: I like kind-hearted girl and must not be a liar.
JH: … I like a cheerful girl that is fun to be with.
JS: I would like someone that can understand me well.

The last part is to leave a greeting to all the fans. Yonghwa is so cute promoting the albums xD Jungshin then interrupted with ‘I’m Happy!’ in Thai.


Download: 9Entertain
credit: MCOT
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Translation by xsaesaikiex@soompi

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[ PHOTO ] CN BLUE for Fred Perry Endorsement


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[ PHOTO ] Yonghwa & Jungshin for Gourmet Endorsement


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