[ FANCAM] CN BLUE Fansign Event @ City Square , Singapore 20.08.2010


Credit to : legra88@youtube
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[ PHOTO ] CN BLUE Fansign Event @ City square , Singapore 20.08.2010



Jungshin so funny ^^ hyun? u like red ? me too kkk

Tweets from Prooflabel

Fansign was really fun~! The boys really made an effort to talk to every fan who went on stage. ^^v...

I thot it was funny how the boys always appear onstage suddenly when the MC is still talking. Shocking every1. Minhyuk appears on stage 1st

One funny fact! When they were choosing the coloured bands, Jonghyun was very happy to receive Red band,Jungshin was pouting when he got yellow.. 

Maybe Jungshin just doesn't like Yellow? lololol...he looked very funny and pouty when that happened. Cute cute.

Minhyuk was mouthing the lyrics of their song by himself, even doing some actions...lololol

Maybe JongHyun really loves red.....he loves strawberries...and he is BURNING......red-hot

YongHwa is really cute...He keeps doing YO!YO! actions...like very manly actions....does this make sense?

* My friend said our boys so lovely &  really cute...she just screaming like crazy when Our boys give a flying kiss for the fans.....waaaah i wish i was there too T__T *

Full credit to : Prooflabel@twitter
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[ VIDEO + PHOTO ] CN BLUE Fansign Event @ City Square , Singapore 20.08.2010


( Credit to scanationsg@twitter )


( Credit to (x)clusive@twitter )

Seriously i can't breath well when my timeline full with update about this event..jealous exploded !! omigosh !! what i'm doing here? i should go there now with magic carpet ^^

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