[ PHOTO] Yonghwa @ SBS Strong Heart official pics


This show was recorded on 24th June 2010 but they will air it tomorrow on 17th August

*i lovee when Yonghwa smiling and laughing ^^ he looks happy right*..

credit: sbs.co.kr + 지나가다♥@jungyonghwa.net
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[ PHOTO] Jonghyun & Minhyuk BTS Acoustic Movie Recording


The concert scene was filmed today. (Aug.16)

Jong Hyun : The staff described that Jong Hyun looked like 'Detroit Metal City' (Japanese comic & movie )

* Omgeee metal style for my hyun? a little bit shock !! but i likeeeeeeee & i agree with saturn..photo hyun and minhyuk endorsement m.holiday t-shirt is for the movie  *

Photo Credit to: Yongki83@twitter
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[ PHOTO ] Teams Polham Endorsement


Source : http://cafe.naver.com/teamspolham
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[ FANART ] CN BLUE Potato version


(one day jungshin was invited to the sweet potato's couple house for a visit..)

yonghwa : jungshin ar...what do you think of our house??
 jungshin : it's nice...hyung has make the house very neat~

yonghwa : *proud* look at the balcony!! it's man-made grass~
oppa has put in a lot of effort in it!!
jungshin : ya~

(the sentence below : after a series of silence response...)
yonghwa: jungshin, you...
jungshin: hmm..you're right..

yonghwa : go to the balcony and become avatar!!

jungshin : *happy* really??
seohyun : jungshin chingoo's way of thinking is really different from others...

* i can't stop laugh see this photo..China boices so creative ^^*

Credit to :cnbluechina.com
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Eng translation : Ahpei@cnbluebeat
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[ VIDEO ] The Making of I'm A Loner MV


* This  BTS from Album BLUETORY taiwan version A *

Credits to :bluetory20100114@yt
 Credit to : klaritia@soompi
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[ SCAN + TRANSLATION ] CNBLUE @ Pati-Pati Magazine (September Issue)


* Click to Enlarge*

What reminds you most when you think of summer? All four draw these pictures personally.

1. Jung Shin : Summer is the season of sweat.
It's definitely sweat in summer. My body gets hotter and I sweat.
But this sweat is different from what I sweat when I practice or at live stage.
Even though the chemical element is same.
The sweat when I sweat while the live concert playing Bass is so precious to me.
I want to sweat a lot this summer too.

2. Jong Hyun : Summer..... 'Sea'
For me summer is the image of 'sea' strongly.
I've lived near the sea when I was young. I have memory that I used to swim at the sea with friends.
I'm sad I can't do it recently. I miss it so much.
At autumn, I used to talk to the sea at the cold beach.
That blue sea seemed to forgive me everything. It used to be my conversation partner.
I hope to be there again.

3. Yong Hwa : summer reminds me of 'rainy season'
Many people may remind of sun or hot sunshine. But when I hear the word summer, I remind cool seasonal heavy rain.
The heavy pouring rain washes away all negative feelings and tangled emotions which were stacked in my mind.
I love summer because it has heavy rain.

4. Min Hyuk : Summer, football, watermelon.
From before, I loved sports. If I had time, I used to run around with friends.
I made up football team and played at the local contest.
Sometimes, I played football being exposed to rain, getting wet.
It's an unforgettable memory of summer.
And after the game, we opened the windows of dorm, being exposed to the cool night breeze, we ate watermelon.
It was the happiest memory of summer.

Translation Credit : saturn.@soompi
Scan credit: 찡이♡@jungyonghwa.net
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[ PHOTO ] Jonghyun & Minhyuk Endorsement for m.holiday


* Can't breathe well !! really need oksigen now *

Source & credit to : m_holiday@blognaver
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[ INFO] CN BLUE Arrival Flight Details to Singapore


* Click to enlarge *
* Omigosh..really  envy with SG boices..I wish i was there too*

Credit to : ProofLabel@fb
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[ PHOTO ] BLUETORY Taiwan version A


* really need to get this version ASAP*

Credit to : momoi@YonghwaTaiwanFansclub
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[VIDEO] 100814 EP19 WGM Yonghwa Cut (Eng)

With English Subbed



sources :
videos by rundevilrunsubs05 @YT
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