[SCAN] CNBLUE @Japanese Magazine

CNBLUE @ Magazine Arena Act 18

credits :
lovinghonggi@daum'blog + cnboice.com
idiot_g_yh @soompi cnblue thread
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[PICTURE] Jungshin @Starking Recording

02.08.2010 - Jungshin @Starking Recording

credit : blog.naver/hicn4
Jillwithercraft @soompi cnblue thread
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Hello boice's,
An interesting news from local newspaper


Dari keratan akhbar 'Pancaindera' - Mingguan Malaysia


From local news paper 'Pancaindera' - Mingguan Malaysia

CN BLUE group member, Jung Yonghwa unashamedly admitted that his first kiss happened in 9th grade.

"I still remember my first kiss when i was in grade nine. At that time it was winter and felt a little strange.

"I do not remember the girl that i kissed but i'm pretty sure that she was really cute", he said with a laugh. Yonghwa also admitted that he had been popular since his school days.

"When i was in school, a lot of girls liked me though i have no idea why. Those school days were certainly provided beatiful memories ", he said.

Credit Source : Mingguan Malaysia
Translation: boicebeat_avelyn

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CN BLUE Twitter Update 100802


Tweet ( From Minhyuk )

"Minhyuk/did u have fun w/ the concert ~ ~!? ㅋ ㅋ haven't seen such a pro drummer, playing drum while standing?ㅋ ㅋ Gotta get through this next, so you can have more more more fun!!!"

Tweet ( From Jonghyun )

"Hi, this is Jonghyun. Been a long time since the holidays start. Ah~but i still have a lot of things to do like composing. Though this is the most fun moment in time.ah!!but it was a great concert! i was so happy. Thank you everyone!"

English translation by omonOona @twitter

Tweet ( From Jungshin )

Nice work today and thank you to everyone who helped to cheer me on for Star King! Goodnight^^

Tweet ( From Jungshin )

Everyone! This is Jungshin! I'm on my way back to the dorm after the Star King recording~ Anyways how was the concert on the 31st? We should have made it even more fun so I'm sorry and sadㅠ Thank you for coming to our concert and I will improve my skills for the next one keke I will show off a better performance with even more people for the next concert

Tweet ( From Yonghwa )

Since we don't have schedules we are writing songs today ~~~~^^****** I'm really happy that the Sunday concert ended on a happy note keke Hope that we can get to do that often ~!!

English translation by Code Azzurro@twitter
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