[ PHOTO ] CN BLUE practice so hard for their 1st live concert in korea




오늘은 CNBLUE 멤버들이 다 모여 합주를 했습니다.
합주를 하는 멤버들의 모습이 사뭇 진지해 보이는데요,
이렇게 진지하게 준비를 하고 있는 모습을 보니

뭔가 뿌듯뿌듯해 지네요. ^^
[Listen to the CNBLUE]를 위해 매일매일 열심히 연습하고 있는 멤버들!
멤버들이 열심히 연습하는 만큼,
오셔서 멋지고, 신나게 즐길 준비 되셨죠?

열심히 하는 멤버들을 위해
오셔서 즐겁게 즐겨주세요!


This is a FNC MUSIC.
Today CNBLUE members have gathered together.
Members appearance looks quite serious,
So are you ready to see their serious face?

 I feel
proud and it's really good ^ ^
[Listen to the CNBLUE] They practice so hard every day !
All members practice very hard.
They are really cool, and so fun to prepare it? (i dunno what this means.. haha)
The members work really hard for this
So please come and enjoy the fun!
Thank you.

Source : blog.naver.com/fncmusic1

posted by: haninie
rough translation & edited: rucci87
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