Jung Yonghwa meets “Seohyun” on Gag Concert - by SMTOWN JJANG


On the episode of Gag Concert that aired on the 20th, CNBLUE was in the crowd of the audience. Usually, celebrities come on so that they get made fun of by Wang Biho at the end although he wasn’t around tonight because he was overseas as someone took his place.

This time, there was even a bigger surprise for particularly one member, Yonghwa. The Wang Biho replacement said, “I heard Yonghwa was coming today so I got (SNSD’s) Seohyun to come too.” Since the two idols are “married” on We Got Married, their relationship is a hot topic amongst the public.

People were excited to see Seohyun come out but it turns out it was comedian Kim Jiho in a SNSD Oh! outfit. He looked quite scary but hilarious at the same time. He went on to play out a scene from the show and made Yonghwa crack up for quite a while as he tried to run away from the horror who wanted skinship.

source&credits for article & pic: SMTOWN JJANG
credit for vm: dkpopsub channel
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Credit to cnbluesoul channel at youtube
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