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Earlier it was reported that C.N Blue's Jung YongHwa had made a mistake during the performance on Music Bank. However, it is confirmed that he had never made that mistake during the performance.

On the broadcast of 'Music Bank' on the 19th, the song 'I'm a Loner' ended successfully without any mistakes. However after that performance netizens commented, "he messed up his lyrics," and that "he mixed up the parts." After checking over the performance, Jung YongHwa didn't make a mistake on stage.

His management contacted Newsen on the 20th and replied, "We were surprised about the 'Jung YongHwa's performance mistake' , but actually he had never made a mistake." In addition they added, "It might have been just a happening."

Meanwhile, Girls Generation SeoHyun had also made a mistake and with that being broadcasted live, netizens were firing up about the issue. With SeoHyun and Jung YongHwa's mistake being on the same program, the netizens commented about the couple and bought attention to the new couple on 'We Got Married'.

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Source: Newsen

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