We Got Married Episode 35 Raw Cut 1/2

We Got Married Episode 35 Raw Cut 2/2

Preview Episode 36

Yong: Who should we give our sweet potatoes to?
Hyun: Members,
Y: Parents,
H: Manager oppa.
A trip to Kanghwado expecting a good harvest!
Y: My row is full of sweet potatoes!
H: Woah!!!
Whenever they see the fruit of their hard work, Yongseo couple is so delighted!
Y: I told you, there is a sweet potato as big as a person.
Y: It gets scarcer.
H: I know!
There aren’t any sweet potatoes!
Y (roaring)
H: Look at this! There aren’t any sweet potatoes! Does it make any sense?!
Against their expectation, sweet potatoes didn’t come out very well…
Y: There are no sweet potatoes…
H: We’re doomed…!
A failure of the sweet potato crop!
With disappointment…where are we going?

-Now today’s episode-
(with sweet potatoes from their two-row-field…)
Y: Hyung, who did you meet?
Manager Oppa: Well, there was some personal business I needed to attend to…
MC Park: He just played with a dog!
MO: A white dog, I saw it at the entrance of the village, I’ve got a dog poop on my jeans.
H: Hahaha! Really?
MO: Just right here.
Anyway where are we going…?
H: Oppa, where are we going?
Y: (as a sequel to their school uniform date) Jeonju, maybe?
H: Ah, stop it!
Y: Dongmak beach.
H: You’re lying!
Y: I’m not!
Y: Dongmak beach.
H: (really?)
H: What are we going to do in the beach?
Y: We’re having a bath…
H: Ah, really! You’re getting weirder!
A natural liar Yong…
MC Park: He’s such a prankster!
Yong’s BF manager: Manager Oppa backs up Yong hubby.
MO: Sometimes you have to trust your man.
MC Park: No~
(Y: You’re the best!)
Y: They say Yellow Sea Prawns are so good there…
To Dongmak beach to eat Yellow Sea Prawns!
Y: Now it’s the season.
H: Really?

MC Park: Dongmak beach is not that far from Kanghwado.
H: Arrived!
Y: You’re going to join us, aren’t you?
MO: I wish I could…
H: What is it this time?
MO: Just now, a friend of mine in Kanghwado…
MO knows better than to butt in on a couple’s date
H: Again?!
Y & H: Bye~

After the Jungdongjin, the couple visits the seaside in a while
H: Thank you~
Y: I didn't get to see Haewoondae (a famous beach in Busan) properly in Busan.
H: Uhm~ you didn't?
MC Park: What’s the night sea like?
MC Kim: Dark.
MC Park: AH…..
The quiet night sea draws an instant admiration
Their pace gets quicker as they get excited

Y: It’s been ages since I saw the sea last time.
H: It’s so beautiful here, look at the moon!
H: A nail moon!
MC Park: Oh, it’s really beautiful!
Y: Yes, it looks like a nail!
A quiet beach with a crescent moon above
Y: Seo Hyun, come over here.
H: Okay!
A leisurely walk in beach…
Suddenly running…?

Y: Come and catch me~!
As expected….in the most romantic moment…
H: (scary) Wooooah!!!
A threatening roar~!!
SO: ‘Wooooah’!!
Y: W-w-what was that?

(mischievous Yong)
H: Ah~!!
H: I’m not going to let you fool me!
Y: Then don’t!
The excited couple in a beach
H: No, no, no!
Y: Hehehehe~
H: No! Stop!
Y: Happy now?
H: You really think so?
Y: You’re really a hard nut to crack!
Y: (you don’t even know how I feel…)
H: Who? Me?
Y: I’m trying so hard…
H: You think so?

Y: It’s a sweet potato!
H: Hahaha!
(a rotten stick) The side-effect of a bad sweet potato harvest…
Y: Sweet potatoes are going to be back! (A parody of the line in a Korean soap ‘A Stairway to Heaven’: “Love is going to be back!”, or something like that, and the male lead throws a boomerang)
A sweet potato boomerang (?) Sweet potatoes are going to be back!
Now….let me go to heaven….
Y: Happy now?
H: Yes.

At this time!
MC Park: What is it?
JW: Oh~!!!
(Yong’s arm in position!)
H: I can do it, now!
Y: Hahaha!!
MC Kim: THAT’S IT!!!
MC Park: She said I can do it now!!
I can do it now~!!
H: It’s getting comfortable.
Y: L-l-l-l-l-like this…
(Hold hands + in his pocket~)
MC Kim: They held HANDS! EYAAH~!!! Now in his POCKET!! Well done, well done!!
L-l-l-l-l-l-like this…

NY: That was smooth~
MC Kim: How good is that?! Looks natural and all!
H: It’s so pretty~
MC Park: Aw~ holding hands together in his pocket…

(backroom interview)
Yong’s trademark (?) It’s going to be big this winter!
Y: It’s going to be a hit this winter.
MC Kim: What? His style?
Y: Holding hands in his pocket.
Holding hands in a man's pocket!
NY: Kyaaaaah~ I really want to put my hand in a man’s pocket!!!
JW: You may face a police charge if you’re not careful…
(Robbing…?) You may face a police charge (?)…
SO: Especially if it’s a back pocket…
(backroom interview continues)
PD: How did it feel?
Y: When it got a bit sweaty, Seo Hyun kept wriggling her fingers~ It was cute.

Y: Are you okay walking in sand in heals?
H: Yes! It’s comfortable~
H: Ah~
H: No, no, no, no!
Fooling around again!
Y: Hehehe…
H: No, stop it.
Y: Why~
H: No~!!
Y: Hahaha…
(hands are inseparable)
Y: I had a little dance in a commercial not long ago…
H: Yes.
(hands are separated?!)
(Yong dancing)
H: Hahaha! Cute!
He showed his dance…
(but what happened to the hands that separated…?)
SO: He let her hand go!
JW: How is he going to hold her hand again?
(awkward) (awkward)
MC Kim: OH, YEAH~!
After a short pause…
NY: They’re so natural now!
MC Park: After a short pause…
MC Kim: From now on I’m only going to wear a jacket with a massive pocket in it.
SO: I thought they’re only kids!
NY: I can’t even remember the last time I did that!
I can’t even remember the last time I put my hand in a man’s pocket!

Y: Do you know where are we going?
H: I don’t know~
Y: You’ll see soon~
H: Okay~
SO: They’re just so lovey-dovey!
(NY: here’s one lonely soul)
H: Eh~ what was that?
Y: Eh~ Seo Joo Hyun!
H: Jung Yong Hwa oppa!
Y: Sometimes I don’t understand you.
H: Me neither~

(to celebrate a sweet potato harvest day) To eat Yellow Sea Prawns!
Y: We’re there!
H: Wow, Yellow Sea Prawns!
Today’s menu is YSP!
Y & H: Hello~
MC Kim: I’m jealous. I want to eat prawns, too!
Y: I’m CNBlue!
H: I’m SNSD!
The owner: Oh, we’re having special guests! Come on in!
Y: Is this a broiled YSP?
The owner: Yes, that’s right.
H: Then,
Y: We’re having that one, please.
H: Thank you.
What YSP will taste like?
Y: Ah, you didn’t wash your hands, did you?
H: No!
Y: Oh dear…
H: Sue me! Ha!
Y: If you’re going to hold my hand next time, wash it beforehand.
H: Haha!
You’re the one who held her hand first…
Y: Got it?
H: We’ll see~
Here comes YSP!
H: Wow~
Y: Bam-ba-bam~
H: I never saw something like this before!
Y: Me neither.
H: Wow!
Y: He just fishes them out!

Live prawns straight from the tank!
MC Park: Wow~
MC Kim: It’ll be so good.
JW: Fresh from the sea!
TO: They’re still alive.
The owner brings the basket full of live prawns
H: Woah~
TO: I’m going to knock them out now.
(banging the basket)
Y & H: You can knock them out like that?
MC Park: That’s fun.
Y: Are they knocked out now?
TO: No, not everyone.
MC Kim: Haha, not everyone.
Simultaneous standing up
(curious) (curious)
Live prawns on the bed of sea salt
H: EEeeughaaaah!
MC Park (with utmost interest): They’re so fresh, when they go all red, take them out and just pull off the head and in it your gob! Ah~ it tastes sooooooo good!
MCs: Hahahaha!
She sounds like possessed by YSP!!
TO: Do you want to get that one?
Y: W-what?
One lucky prawn escaped
H: Really?
Y: Is it going to bite me?
TO: Of course not!
(timid) It’s just a prawn!
H: Hahaha!
NY: That one just escaped!
H: Just grab it!
(careful) (careful)
TO: It’s okay!
Y: Yes-!
W-where is the prawn?
H: Hahaha!
MC Park: How can he get scared of a prawn?!
Yong’s scared(?) of a prawn!
Y: Oh!
MC Park: He’s a lot more sheepish than I thought!
Y: How do I hold it?
TO: Just grab its body.
Y: Just like that?
Y: I’m so not good at this kind of thing.
H: Why?!
Y: Can you do it, then?
H: Forget it.
Y: You look ferocious, even though you’re so small.
H: Hurry, hurry up!
Y: What?
H: Now!
Doesn’t want to look a coward in front of his wife…
H: Grab it already~
Y: It’s going to flop, isn’t it?
Y: Eeeughaaa, what was that?!
Already nervous with a prawn, frightened by a dog…
H: Hahaha!!
NY: He’s cute, he’s cute!
MC Park: He thought the prawn’s running!
Y: It’s not so difficult.
H: Eeeuuuuah~
MC Park: Because Seo Hyun’s watching him.
TO: Rinse it out, then…
Y: And put it here, even though it’s flopping?
TO: In this basket.

Finally sit down for a meal!
H: Oh my!!
Y: Let me out~!!!
H: (pity) How hot it will be for them….
And a moment later…
Prawns are all cooked!

MC Kim: Eeeyah! That looks so good!
NY: It’ll be really delicious.
Y: Do you know how to peel the prawn?
H: Well….
MC Kim: Peel one for her, Yong hwa. Peel one for her!
H: I’m not sure, start with the head?
MC Park: You save all the heads and cook them once again, it’s delicious too!
JW: That’s right.
Prawns are perfectly cooked
Y: (so hot) They’re piping hot!
H: Yes, they are!
Enduring the pain…
H: It’s not easy.
Y: Oh! Ah! Ouch!
Yong carefully peels the prawn
Y: Do you want to try?
MC Park: Look how plump the flesh is!
Handing it over to his wife
MC Kim: No! Not ‘want to try’, JUST STRAIGHT INTO HER MOUTH!!!
H: Uhm~ delicious!
Y: Is it?
After her one word ‘delicious~’, getting on with the second one straight away
Y: Ah~~~~!!!!
MC Kim: It’s not so easy.
MC Park: It’s piping hot!

H: Here, I peeled this one.
This time from Hyun
MC Park: Aww~
MC Kim: That’s right!
H: How’s it? It’s delicious, isn’t it?
Y: Uhm~ It’s really good.

Y: This one is perfect~
Y: Seo Hyun, open you mouth~
H: I think it’s going to be really hot…
Y: No, it’s not.
H: Wait…
(as she approaches…) (he’s pulling the prawn back…)
H: Ah~ what are you doing?!
Do you want to feed her or not….?
SO: Once is enough, just give it to her.
(I can do it this way~)
MC Park: After all, he wanted her to hold him?
Y: No~
H: Ha!
Pulling and pushing with a prawn…
MC Kim: It’s okay to be cheesy, for now.
(Hyun got hold of his arm)
Finally in it goes~
Y: Ah, really!
H: Hehe~
H: Uhm~ It’s delicious~
H: (a revenge?) It’s my turn now.
Y: ….
H: Start now, ah~
The ‘prawn’ pull and push starts again
H: Hehe..
Y: Did you think I’d fall for that trick?
(missed it)
H: Hahaha!
The Busan guy’s style is ruined
H: Here, hurry!
Y (missed again)
MC Kim: Hahahaha!!!
NY: His style is ruined!
H (this is fun)
H: Here, I’m not moving.
He tries to hold the arm as she did
H: Okay, no more. Here.
Y: Uhm~ taste of Kimchi!
H: Hahaha!
H: I feel sorry for the prawns, but they’re so delicious.
MC Park: Wow, they had a bucket!
And the owner comes with something.
H & Y: Wow~ Thank you.

Yong asked the owner to wrap the sweet potatoes in foil
MC Park: Their finger-sized sweet potatoes.
MC Kim: Ah, sweet potatoes from their field.
Wrapped sweet potatoes are on a broiler
Y: I’m looking forward to this.
H: Yes, these are the ones from our field, right?
What will the sweet potatoes from the two-row-field taste like?
Y (nods)

While sweet potatoes are cooking…
A sweet (?) couple eye-contact…

H: It’s quite funny when you look at the person upside down.
(like this?)
H: No, not like that, from this angle.
From somewhere up?!
H: It’s like there should be a mouth in your forehead, and your eye bags become eyelids.
H: I’m going to show you.
Y: What?
H: It’s really funny!
Y: What is it?
Suddenly Hyun wife gets closer to him?!!
MC Kim: She’s coming, SHE’S COMING!
H: I’m going to cover my mouth, and look at me.
Just an inch above from Yong’s face…
H: Wahahahahaha!!!
Y: ?!!
Y:….What was that?
H: You looked like an octopus!
It was too early to expect something (?) like that…

Finally sweet potatoes are ready!
Y: Let’s see.
MC Kim: It’ll be delicious..
H: Hang on, it’s a ginseng!
(W-where are you from…?)
Y: Hahaha!
H: Seriously, it looks like a ginseng.
MC Park: Because they are so skinny.
More look like a ginseng or a bellflower…
What will it taste like…?

H: Is it okay with skin on?
Y: It tastes like a potato.
(a slightly bigger sweet potato)
H: Look at this!
(Inside is yellow since it’s Kanghwado sweet potato…)
MC Park: Yes, Kanghwado sweet potatoes are good.
H: Yes.. it tastes like a potato. And looks like a bellflower.
(Who are you…?) A bellflower lookalike + actually a sweet potato + taste of potato
Y: Feed me this one.
MC Park: He asked her to feed him~
Yong’s addicted Hyun feeding him
MC Park: He’s so hooked…
JW: ‘Feed me this one~’
H: It’ll be hot.
H (giggles)
Y: Ouch! It’s scorching!
H: Haha!!
Y: Aren’t you doing it properly?!
H: Hahaha, this is so funny!
Y: Uhm~ good~
H: Is it good?
(this one is better?)
Y: This one is a real sweet potato.
H: I’ll just hold chopsticks.
Y: Don’t. They’re hot too.
H: Then a sweet potato.
Y: Hey!
H: Okay.
The sweet potato couple plays pull and push in front of their babies (sweet potatoes)…
MC Park: He just wants to feed her.
(mimicking her)
Y: You just looked like an iguana.
H: What? Where did it come from?!
Y: Sorry, here-ah~
H: Hmm~
Big ones are not so bad…!!
MC Kim & Park: They look delicious~

(backroom interview)
H: They are sweet potatoes that we grew by ourselves. I was proud and all the tiredness from the field work went straight away the moment I bite into them!

PD: Really?
H: Now I can sympathise with farmers…

Y: Come to think of it, I ate tons of sweet potatoes because of you.
MCs: Hahahaha!
Y: I think I won’t need anymore sweet potatoes for the next ten years.
H: No way, the sweet potato season has just started!
Y: Get rid of the flies on your hair first.
H: Get lost!
MC Park: She’s cool~
(rhythmic gesture and expression)
Y: Hahahaha!!!
While working in the field…
The countryside couple became more comfortable with each other

H: What? Why?
Y: ‘Get lost!’
Y: I like when you dress like that.
H: Dress how?
MC Park: How?
Y: I like your hair loose.
H: Do you?
He said this before during the trip in Japan…
Y: I told you this before, didn’t I?
H: Yes. And I like you like this.
H: Your fringe like it is now, not like this.
Y: What’s that?
H: Like this, especially during the ‘I’m a Loner’.
She’s not fond of his fringe up, covered with hair product?!
Y: Ah, that one?
H: I’m a loner~
SO: So he was Kim Mousse then?
MC Park: Kim Mousse….!
JW: Yeah, the look.
H: Well, it wasn’t that bad…
Y: Too late.

Y: Actually….from a long, long time ago…
(a melancholic gaze)
Y: I’ve been writing this song.
MC Park: Oh~
What is he saying…?
Y: Up till now.
NY: Oh~
Y: Do you know what the title is?
H: Love Light.
Y: No.
H: Then what?
MC Park: A new song?
Y: It’s only been months (since I started writing this song)
Y: Slowly, care, carefully, no, every now and again.
MC Kim: Every now and again?!
H: Is that song out now?
Y: Not yet.
NY: Has he been writing this song thinking of Seo Hyun?

(backroom interview)
Y: From 4… 5 months ago, just bits and pieces whenever I have time on my hands. … ‘What would it be like to write a song something like this…?’ It could be a present for her, or maybe my message to her. So I’ve been writing this song, slowly, and it’s come to this.
Yong’s making a song every now and again with Hyun in mind

Y: What’s the title?
H: How would I know?!
Hyun still thinks he’s joking
Y: Guess, what is the title? The song is for you.
H: (still not buying it) It’s something weird, isn’t it?
Y: ?!!! (who do you think I am?) Did you just say ‘weird’?
Y: I don’t write ‘weird’ songs!!
H: Something like ‘sweet potatoes’, no?
Y: I’m not joking. Come on, guess, what is the title?
What is the title of the song dedicated to Hyun?
NY: What is it?
H: Hint!

Y: Now…
H: …is the time for SNSD!
A spontaneous SNSD catchphrase
Y: ……………….
H: That’s the only thing I can think of.
H: Now is the time~ for SNSD!
Y: Now…
H: …forever for SNSD!
Y: Hey!!
(composed himself)
Y: It’s something you don’t do for now…
Y:…but you tried it before.
H: ‘I don’t do it for now, but tried it before’?
You don’t do it for now, but you tried it before
MC Park: You don’t do it for now, but tried it before?
Y (playing with chopsticks)
H: Drumming?
Y: Did you try to play drum before?
Y: You don’t practice anymore, do you?
JW: He caught her right there!
No more these days, but used to play guitar?!
H: I really want to continue, but can’t…
Y: It’s not ‘Guitar’.
H: Then what is it? Something I tried before, but not for now?
Y: What would it be?
(is this a hint?)
Y: Hey(Ya)! Hey! Guess!
H: I tried before, but not now…
H: Ah, I got it!!!
Y: What?
MC Park: Banmal?
H: Banmal!
MC Park: So it was Banmal?
H: Am I right?
Y: (bravo~)
H: Yeah~
The theme of the song is Banmal!
H: You wrote a song about Banmal?
Y: Y-yes.
H: Hey, hey, hey!! Something like this?
Y: Yo, Seo Hyun!
Yong starts rapping…
H: Really?
Y: Yes.
Y: It’s not completely done.
H: Hmm…
Y: But the basic format is done.
H: Oh, I’m curious!
H: I’m looking forward to this.
Y: Want a teaser?
H: Yes!!
H: Oh~~~~!!!
Y: (embarrassed) Get something spicy ready.
H: Something spicy?
Y: Yeah, it’s really cheesy.
MC Kim: ‘It’s really cheesy’!
Y: As soon as you hear the song, drink that chilli paste.
As soon as you hear the song, drink that chilli paste!
H: Hahaha!
Y: Really, bottoms up.
H: Okay.
What will his song like…?
Y: One, two, three
H: Four!
Y (guitar sound)
H (guitar mime)
Y: Don’t forget to practice your guitar, okay?
H: AH…………..

Y: ‘I started feeling you like me~~~(incomprehensible words follow)
MC Park: Is it Banmal in English?
JW: It’s just a placeholder.
SO: When it does have lyrics yet… so that you get the feeling what the song is like.
A guide just to get to know the song
MC Park: Ah, so it’s not the actual lyrics?
JW & SO: No.

Y (continues singing)
H: Oh~
Y: Lyrics for a refrain is almost done.
H: Really?
Y: ‘I wish-
H (giggles)
Y: ‘Wish we could speak in Banmal with each other-
H: ‘Even if it’s still clumsy and feels awkward-
JW: Oh, it’s not bad.
Y: ‘Instead of saying ‘Komawayo’, wish you can talk to me just like a friend-
Y: ‘We’re going to be on intimate terms with each other-
Y (pause): ‘!!…….really……(fluffing on intention?)
Y: ‘Nananana-
Y: ‘Will you accept me-
H: Oh….
Y: ‘I love you-
NY: He said ‘I love you’!!!
H: Oh….

(backroom interview)
H: At first, I was like ‘what is this?’ assuming this is one of his jokes. But when he told me that he is really writing this song for me I was really… surprised.
A rather serious Yong’s song…!
H: That he was thinking of me while writing that song…it was very moving.
Every now and again thinking of Hyun…

Suddenly Yong became chatty after the song (we already know that he does that when he's nervous or embarrassed-btw, this is not a sub!)
Y: I have a lyric for a refrain, but not the beginning part…
H: Hmm~
Y: I’m getting on it.
H: (nods)
Y: I mean, really, I never did, ah, something like this-!
H: ……
Y: I usually hate this kind of stuff!
H: Fighting!
Y: Talk to me in Banmal, it’ll be my inspiration.
H: T.h.a.n.k.y.o.u.
Y: Hahahaha!
What are the lyrics of the part that Yong fluffed…?
H: Ah~
Y: Are you reporting news?

(next week preview)
Mission Card: Do you remember ‘Yongseo couple’s To Do list’?
Based on (?) the ‘Banmal Song’ Yong hubby made, make a couple song together~
Yongseo couple’s mission: writing a couple song together

H: A couple song?
Y: Let’s get the equipment first.
For the song writing, the couple goes to the CNBlue’s house!
Y: Jungshin, isn’t that mine?!
He shows the process while proudly showing off his gear (?)!
H: What is it?
Y: Want a teaser?
The couple is hooked on their mission!
H: Deabak!
Y: It’s fun, right?
JongHyun: Oh, that’s good!
H: It’s so embarrassing!
What kind of a song it will be?

[HQ] Raw cuts Credit : ThesoneSource18@YT

English Translation: J2dlee@soompi

Re-upload : avelyn@cnbluebeat

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