We Got Married Episode 34 Cut 1/2

We Got Married Episode 34 Cut 2/2

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English Translation

Translation credits: J2dlee@soompi

Yongseo’s sweet potato harvest day, Hyun turns up with a truck

H: Hi!
Y: Hahaha!
Y: When did you pass the test?
H: Well~~~~~~~ it’s cool, isn’t it?
H: Even I can’t believe it.
(an amazed wife in the driver’s seat) (an amazed hubby in the passenger seat)
H: I’m going to show you my licence!
Y: How could you do that without telling me?!
H: Tada~ Kyyah!
Y: You’ve finally done it! I envy you~
H: You’ve been busy.
Y: I should do it soon.
H: Yes!
Y: Hang on, are we going in this truck?
H: Of course, to Kanghwado!
Y: You must be joking!
H: I’m not!
Y: It’s dangerous!
H: I’ll drive slowly~
H: Shall we go?
Y: Start!
H: Hold it tight, I’m nervous.
MC Kim: Look at him holding the safety handle!
Y: I’m already nervous even without your warning.
H: Look at you!
MC Park: It’s always the passenger who gets more nervous.
H: I-I-I’ll start then.
H: Start!
NY: Hahahaha! he’s cute~
Hyun’s maiden truck voyage~!!

MC Kim: It’s a proper truck.
Y: Hahaha!!!
H: Yea~
MC Park: She’s doing well.
Y: Now you’re a woman trucker.
A good start…a woman trucker
H: Cool, isn’t it?
MC Kim: Soon there’s going to be a topic of ‘a pretty woman trucker in Kanghwado’ on the internet.
JW: To Kanghwado at that speed?

Slowly turning around the bend….
MC Park: At this rate, it’s going to be dark when they get to Kanghwado.
(unavoidable fidgeting)
MC Kim: Look at him fidgeting!
H: You’re nervous, aren’t you?
Y: Hello~
MC Park: Their car is as fast as the granny walking next to them.
NY: Hahaha!!!
Y: At this rate, we’ll…..
H: We will what?

After getting out of a side street with dignity (?)…now on the main road…
MC Kim: Now the main road.
NY: Yes, the main road.
H: I… even more than men…
Y: Where did you take your test drives? In Kangnam?
H: Yes, Kangnam, but my… what is it?
Honk, honk!

H: What? Why?
Traffic jam
Y: You should’ve gone already.
The way to becoming a trucker is long and difficult
NY: I can’t watch!
Y: Just a learner, a learner.
H: I’m sorry!
SO: Who did Hyun say sorry to?

The timid trucker decided to get off the main road for a while…
Y: OK,OK, keep going.
Took 10 mins just to get near to their house…
Y: Stop, stop,stop, stop….
This is not going to work…what should we do…
Y: Hahahaha!
H: I think we’re being too ambitious. Don’t you think?
Affirmative silence?!
H: I should send an SOS.
Hyun’s solution: I should send an SOS…
Y: To whom?
H: Uh…an oppa you like.
Oppa Yong likes…?
MC Kim: Ah!
MC Kim & NY: Jung Mo oppa!
Trax’s Jung Mo?
Y: An oppa I like?
(Who is it…?)
The oppa: Hello~
H: Oppa!
(Y: Who’s it?)
The oppa: Yes, how’s it going?
H: I have to go (to Kanghwado) in this truck…
The oppa: Ah, it’s still a bit dangerous.
H: Yes, oppa, then…
The oppa: Hahahaha… To there, to Kanghwado?
H: Yes…
Hyun already told oppa (?) about the plan just in case
H: If you keep coming up the road…
The oppa: Got it, see you soon.

The oppa: Seo Hyun!
H: Ah~ oppa!
Y: Hello~
(Yong hubby knows him as well?!)
Hyun’s road manager’s been waiting near the house
MO (Manager Oppa): How did you manage to come this far?
H: Not so bad, huh?
MC Park: Ah, he’s Hyun’s road manager.
NY: Yong looks so relieved.
H: You sit there.
Sit on the passenger seat together…
Y: Yea~
H: Ye~ oppa, thank you so much.
(two men say hello to each other)

(backroom interview)
Hyun’s road manager Sung Min oppa
H: He knows more about me than anyone…and talks to Yong hwa oppa quite often. He seems to adore Yong hwa oppa very much, even more so than me!

Finally…to the sweet potato harvest…GoGo~!
Y & H: Start!
H: This is just like lyrics of ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.
Y: What?
H: ‘Ride in my dream car~’
H: ‘You’re seating next to me~’
(you’re seating next to me~)
NY: The blue truck dream car…
You…are seating next to me (happy happy)
Y: I’ve been watching our episodes from the beginning.
H: Yes.
Y: I noticed your trade mark, ‘Ueung~~~~’.
Y: I can’t even make that sound.
H: Do I do that?
MO: Yes, you do. ‘Ueung~~~~~~’
Y & TO: Ueung~~~~~~
H: Do I really do that?! Stop it already!
Y: I’m not joking, see them (the episodes) for yourself.
MO: When I first heard that Seo Hyun’s going to do WGM…
The Manager Oppa tells the couple what he’s been thinking
MO: Not only is she young, but also hasn’t seen anyone before. She hadn’t got a clue about men, so naturally I was so worried. ‘What kind of men is she going to meet?’, then when I heard that it’s Yong hwa, I was relieved…
I was (because it’s Yong wha) relieved…
Y: Oh, really? That’s good.
H: Hehe.
MO: Because, Seo Hyun is not the type who can chat easily unless there’s someone to lead her.
H: That’s true.
MO: So, Yonghwa managed to do that just right, but not without humour…
MC Park: He really sounds like her real brother.
MC Kim: Yes, he thinks of Hyun so dearly.
The kind Manager Oppa just like a real brother
NY: He seems very nice.
MC Park: My road manager is not so bad.
MC Kim: My manager even does wardrobe.
MO: So it was really good.
(suddenly became solemn after the praise)
Y: Thank you.
H (to Yong) Thank YOU.
Y: For what?
(you like it…)
H: Nothing.
MO: I know you two heard about this before… ‘why are they so slow?’ ‘hold hands already!’
Y: I was told why I don’t hold her hand already.
SO: Who?!
MC Park: Oh?
Y: Now we’re holding hands.
H: Yes, we’re.
MC Kim: Ye~a!!!
SO: It’s me who told him!
NY: They did it, did it!
They became a lot closer after the trip in Japan
Y: Here we are, Yongseo, now holding hands!
H: Yes. W-what’re you doing?
Y: Hahaha~
H: Ouch! What’s that for?!
Y: Knuckle cracking! Knuckle cracking!
H: Ah, really!
That’s unexpected
MCs: What is he doing?! He’s so childish!
NY: Choding, choding!
He’s our Yong Cho Ding
Y: Only I can make this sound.
(MO: Yong wha, you’re almost perfect except…)
H: It’s strange.
(The hubby keeps doing…)
Y: Hahaha!
H: Woah~
Y: It doesn’t hurt, does it?
(The buin seems to enjoy it…)

Meanwhile…already in Kanghwado…
Y: Oh, it’s Kanghwado. By the way, who should we give our sweet potatoes to?
Y: Our members,
H: members,
Y: Our parents,
H: parents, and manager oppa.
MC Kim: I don’t think they’ll remember us.
JW: No, I don’t think so.
H: And the WGM Studio panels!
MCs: Yea~!!!
MC Kim: Seo Hyun! Seo Hyun!

Y: You’re going to dig sweet potatoes with us, don’t you?
H: Let’s do it together.
MO: Actually there’s someone I ought to see in Kanghwado…
MC Park: Meaning count me out.
The joy of field work is reserved (?) solely for Yongseo couple…

The dream car keeps running….
To somewhere looks familiar…

MC Kim: I want to go to the country side, too.
MC Park: Me, too.
What will Yongseo’s two-row-field be like?

H: Ah, it feels good!
Y: Haha, look at Hyung’s pose.
(where are you going in that pose?...?)
MO is going to see his friend (?) in Kanghwado…
MO: Have fun, kids. See you later.
Y & H: Okay~
(Bye, hyung~)
But as soon as they turn around…!!
H: Hang on a minute, are we in the right place?
Whose field is this?
SO: That’s not what it looked like last time.
NY: Surely not…
MC Kim: Has it grown that big?!
Definitely looks different from 4 months ago
Y: It was on that side...
H: Yes…
Where is our two-row-field?
H: Oh…we can find it since it has our own name board!
Our two-row-field name board
Y: Yes, I made it.
H: Yes, you did.
H: I finally get my birthday present today.
Y: That’s right.
H: Yea~
The two-row-field was for Hyun’s birthday
H: Then, everything from that two-row-field is mine, right?
H: Keep going!
Y: It’s all yours, have, like, 200 sweet potatoes by yourself!
Y: Oh, there‘re kids on a field trip.
H: Aww~~~~~~
NY: Ah~ cute!!
SO: Sweet potatoes and kids are just about the same size.
Y: Hey, kids!
H: Hey, kids!
Y: Let’s eat sweet potatoes!
Can we eat this big sweet potato…?
MC Kim: Oh, it’s big!
NY & MC Park: Aww~ she’s cute!

Y: Hey, boss!! We’re back!!!
MC Kim: Being a rocker, his voice is almost deafening!
H: Do you think he heard us?
Y: I’m sure he heard us.
Y: Boss~!
H: Boss~!
Y: I want your soy-bean stew!
MC Park: Do you remember that soy-bean stew?
JW: Yes!
MC Park: They’re nearly there.
SO: He’s finally met his (choding) friends.
Y: Hey, kids! This field is ours.
(Yong choding keeps talking to the kids)
(Good kids wave hello)
H: Ah, they’re so cute!
Y: Cute!
H: Hello~
Y: Boss!
Meet the boss in 4 months
H: How have you been doing?
The boss: Been alright?
(the second time, now it’s automatic)
The boss: Do you know what this is?
H: No.
The boss: To cut the grass…
(the hand mower)
SO: I always wanted to do that…
The boss: Sweet potatoes didn’t come out very well this year.
H: Why?
The boss: Because of the weather…
Due to the unusual change in the weather…
The boss: Summer was too hot, then in autumn it rained all the time…
The boss: But hey, don’t worry too much. It’s all good, right?
H: That’s right!
SO: He’s so optimistic.
MC Park: He sounds like he’s from Chungchung province.

The way to their first harvest
Y: My hair’s got much longer since then, hasn’t it?
The boss: Has it…?
Y: Your attention is still on Hyun… Only Seo Joo Hyun.
H: Hahaha!

The first meeting: The lesson on how to plan sweet potato shoots
The boss: Seo Hyun’s so famous…
It was clear from the start that the boss is a fan of Hyun

(The boss’s two assistants)
MC Park: Shoots need to be cut first…
Cutting sweet potato shoots
MC Kim: It’s not easy.
MC Park: We used to cut every shoot by hand, but the mower does it a lot quicker.
H: Woah!
Y: Ah~
Shoots are cut off swiftly
MC Kim: They can only dig after he cuts off the shoots…
While the boss is cutting off the shoots, the couple help him along.
The tractor will clear the field

MC Kim: It’s not easy work at all!
Y: Charismatic driving! Charismatic driving!
Y: There are sweet potatoes!
H: Wow!
MC Park: Look at the sweet potatoes coming out! Did you see them?
(jaw dropping)
The field is cleared
MC Park: There are at least three sweet potatoes on each stem.
Y & H: Eeeyah~!!
The father of sweet potatoes
MC Kim: The father of sweet potatoes!
(Boss…) (you’re cool…)
The boss: Now you can dig it with a hoe, it’s easy.
(getting a sack…)
Y & H: Thank you.
Finally sweet potato harvest starts!
H: Haha, this is fun!
Y: I have a feeling that my row has more (sweet potatoes) than yours.
H: They’re hidden deep inside.
Y: I think so too.
JW: If you’re not careful, the sweet potatoes will get all bruised.
MC Park: That’s right. You have to dig carefully.
Y: My first sweet potato!
H: Where?
(finally the first one)
MC Kim: It looks bigger than I thought.
Yong’s first sweet potato
Y: My first sweet potato.
H: Yea~
(Hyun’s found one, too)
Y: Sweet potato, sweet potato…
H: Here, too!
Meanwhile Hyun buin…
H: What’s going on, where are my sweet potatoes?
Y: All the sweet potatoes are on my side!
(more and more)

Four months ago…
The boss: You’re good, Seo Hyun!
H: Really?
(but Yong hubby is struggling)
After four months, the situation has changed…
H: Oooooh~
Finally found one…! W-what….?
H: But this looks… funny….
Here comes a shovel
MC Park: He shouldn’t do it that way.
H: Is it better that way?
Y: Yes, it is. I’ve got this many already!
MC Kim: Yongwha’s side’s clearly got more.
(Hyun silently brings a shovel)
H: This is not easy!
JW: You shouldn’t do that, sweet potatoes will get bruised!
MC Kim: Sweet potatoes will get hurt!

(eventually gave up on shovelling)
Hyun buin after all that trying and failing
H: Woah!!! Look at this!
JW: That’s not a sweet potato, more like a yam!
(smile in full bloom)
Y: Let me have a look.
(but it’s mine…)
Y: Is this a sweet potato or a tree?!
A tree-sweet potato?!
H: It’s huge! It looks like a tree!
Y: I told you, there’s a sweet potato as big as a person!
Y: This is a baby, if you keep going, there’ll be a Grandfather sweet potato.
H: Yea~
This is the joy of harvest~
Since it’s their first harvest,
The couple does their best

MC Kim: Their backs must be killing them!
(only tiny sweet potatoes)
H: Why are they so small?
Less and less sweet potatoes
MC Park: It doesn’t look that promising as they go on.
H: I didn’t realise that there was so much work involved behind the sweet potato that I eat everyday.
MC Kim: That’s so true.
The pride of a young farmer is long forgotten
H: Aren’t you tired yet?
Dig…dig…dig...and more…
Y: Where are they? They’re becoming scarcer!
H: I know!
MC Park: The sweet potatoes didn’t do very well on that side.

Y: Uhhuuueh!!!
H: Uhhuuueh!!!
H: Where are they?!!!
MC Park: They’re digging at the speed of light!
The angry hoe action
Y: Where on earth are they?!!
H: I can’t see any!!
Y: Come out while I’m being nice~
(her nose flares)
SO: When Seo hyun is angry, her nose flares,
When she reaches the limit, her nose flares!
SO: And Yong starts speaking in his Busan accent.
and Yong hubby speaks in Busan accent!!
Y: Aigoo~ what a wretched day we’re having. Sweet potatoes are nowhere to be seen…
H: We’re doomed….!
Y: Hang on,
Y: Only this big…
(a finger-size sweet potato)

H: Oops!
Her legs go all wobbly due to the disappointment
H: Let’s think again about the list of people we should give our sweet potatoes to.
H: Our group members, manager….. how we can give them this? It’s almost as big as a finger!
Y: You should give the biggest one to your parents.
H: Okay…
MC Park: Look, he thinks of her parents first even in this situation.
H: I have to give up on mine, I won’t have any.
MC Kim: You don’t have to give them to us. Just have all of them to yourselves.
(A ginseng sweet potato)
Y: It looks like a ginseng.
H: Help yourself.
Y: I found a ginseng!
H: Me,too!
MC Kim: It just looks like a root.
The couple’s slowly losing their mind
They dig the whole two-row-field from the beginning…

H: Seriously, there’s none!
No sweet potatoes whatsoever appear
MC Park: They’re having a bad harvest. Due to the heavy rain and all…
H (Rapper Hyun): Look, just look at this! There’s none! Do you think this makes sense? These are just stones!
H: Hey, sweet potatoes, come out, come out, come out already!
Y: You’re scary…
MC Kim: What, talking to sweet potatoes?
H: Sweet potatoes…..
Is this sweet potato your sweet potato?
MC Kim: She’s losing her mind!
H: This just doesn’t make sense! How come there’re no sweet potatoes? We definitely planted enough shoots…!
Y: Seo Hyun!
Catch my sweet potato~
H: Woah~
Y: It’s a sweet potato!
H: Every little helps, in it goes…Aigo…..Sweet potatoes~

Meanwhile…in a peaceful village…
MC Park: Who is it?
Hyun’s manager who’s supposed to meet his friend in Kanghwado
(a familiar looking dog?!!)
MC Park: Does he have a cameo in today’s episode?

This puppy….
Y: Come here, Jaerong! Sit, sit!
Has grown this big?!

MC Park: Really? Is it that dog?
MC Kim: It’s so big now.
MO: Jaerong~ this is the reason why he called you Jaerong (*Jaerong means a cute trick, usually used when a baby makes sweet gestures)
After a playful meeting (?) with his Kanghwado friend (?) Jaerong…
MO (sniffs): Yuck!
Anyway, Manager Oppa’s having a good day (?)
MO: Oh my, my jeans…
Regardless of Manager Oppa’s misfortune(?), the couple is already having a hard time…
Y: We may found sweet potatoes in here if we’re lucky.
H: Maybe.
Y: This is young radish kimchi!
H: Hahaha!
The couple has totally lost it
Y: And this one…?
H: A sesame leaf!
Y: A sesame leaf.
(dizzy dizzy)
Y: We should’ve chosen a lettuce…
H: A lettuce?!
Y: Before the price rocketed… (*he’s confusing a lettuce with a cabbage, of which the price’s gone up so much due to the heavy rain, but it’s still in demand since it’s a main ingredient of kimchi, as explained in MountainMadman’s trans.)
I’m sorry, we have sweet potatoes instead
Y: I’m sorry, you have such a useless husband…
Y: I didn’t know that a lettuce will be more profitable, should’ve seen it coming…
(with disappointment, retuning to the sweet potato field)
Y: Just one more!
Y: We shouldn’t give up, I’ve learned a lot in our sweet potato field.
The lesson of a sweet potato field: “Shall not give up till the end!”
H: But…how come there’re so few…
Y: (definitely lost it) Ohohoho~ ohohoho~
(covered in soil)
H: Eeyah! Come out!
(still doing her best)
Y: At least your attitude is right!
Looking defeated….

H: I have an idea! Let’s take the sprouts!
MC Park: You can eat sprouts, too.
Y: W-why?
H: Instead of sweet potatoes, let’s make a sweet potato sprouts salad.
H: And, we can give sprouts to the people instead of sweet potatoes….
H: We’re giving you this because we don’t have any sweet potatoes.
Please take sprouts instead because we don’t have any sweet potatoes
Y: Stop it, Seo Hyun, please stop it!
H: Shoots~
Y: Stop it! We don’t need any sprouts!!
An innocent shovel is thrown away
H: We’ve got tons of sprouts here~ It’s delicious, too…
Sweet potatoes~
I…I only wanted…sweet potatoes….
Y: I want sweet potatoes…
H: Here, have sprouts!
MC Kim: Suddenly sprouts appeared from the sky.
The dream of a sweet potato harvest turns into a miserable pain…
Y: Let’s give up now.
H: The end?!
(a humble sack…)
MC Park: Is that all?
H: We may be able to find something if we keep going.
Y: kkkkk…..
MC Park: It’s a lot more fun when sweet potatoes come out in bunches…
MC Kim: Yes.
H: Sweet potatoes~!!
(exhausted exhausted)
Y: Give up! Just forget it, there’s no sweet potato.

Now it’s time to leave…
JW: Hahaha!!! What's with the music?!
Y: Give it up, there aren’t any more sweet potatoes.
H: I think it’ll be just about enough for my sisters, one each.
JW: Still she thinks of her sisters…
JW: I thought I could have tons of sweet potatoes in this way!
MC Park: Hahaha!
(2 modest sacks of sweet potatoes)
H: Eeeyah….
MC Kim: It’s really few…
After such a hard work, just enough to fill one sack
MC Park: And so little…
Y: How are we going to divide them up and give to people?
H: First of all, for parents.
(the biggest!)
Y: (a slender one) This is for Jungshin.
MCs: Hahaha!!!
Oh my…
The leader Yong’s love for his brother

MC Park: Did you eat that one?
JS: Yes.
Y (a slender No.2):...and Minhyuk…
H: They’re too small! You’re mean!
H: Oh, a broad bellflower~ (* MountainMadman translated this as a mushroom, but ‘doragi’ is actually a type of Chinese (broad) bellflower, to my knowledge. Anyway, it’s only a small matter)
Y: Is this a sweet potato or a chilli?
H: Look at this, I found a ginseng.
Y: You sure it’s a sweet potato?
More like a root of ginseng…!
H: It is!
H: We’re going to sell it as a hybrid, a bellflower sweet potato!
Y: Actually that’s not a bad idea at all!
H: I know!
Y: Yongseo’s…
H & Y: Bellflower sweet potatoes!
Yongseo’s bellflower sweet potatoes
SO: I’m sure it’s going to be a catastrophic failure.
MCs: Hahahaha!
MC Park: I mean, really…
JS: He’s holding her bag as well.

The real country side drama, Yongseo’s diary
H: Oh, look! A sweet potato! It’s big!
Did kids drop it here…
H: It’ll be still okay, won’t it?
MC Park: She picked up the sweet potato the kids left behind…
(the wife picks it up…)
(the husband whistles…)
This is the reason why we’re a couple made in heaven…

Y: Hello, boss.
The boss: It’s not easy, isn’t it?
Y: No, it’s not.
The boss: But still….these are small ones….
H: Yes, they’re small.
The boss: Still, not bad.
H: Really?
H: Oppa, you’re there!
And…the Manager Oppa returns from meeting his friend in Kanghwado
MO: It looks good, well done. Shall we move, now?
MC Kim: ‘Move now’!

So they learned the joy of the harvest and the value of sweet potatoes…
MC Park: The truck is too big for their harvest.
After Yongseo’s first harvest…
Where are we going…?

MC Park: I knew it!

Y: Come and catch me~
H: No, no, no!
Where are we, after the sweet potato harvest?
Y: Seo Hyun, your arm! In here, here.
H: Hahaha!
Y: Seo Hyun, this is my first time eating this…
The couple dining out in the evening in Kangwhado!
Y: Ah~
H: Stay still, ah~, quick!
They’re having Yellow Sea Prawns…
Y: Did you think I’d fall for that trick?
H: Hahaha!
And husband carefully (?) brings up a subject…
Y: I’ve been writing this song for a long, long time.
Y: ‘Yo~ Seo Hyun~’
H: I’m so looking forward to this.
What is THIS that Yong hubby’s been preparing for a long time?!
Y: I’m so embarrassed!!
H: You’ve done it well!

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