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Epop:perception about each other?
Jung Shin: Yong Hwa hyung can be trusted and versatile leader. He got the talent not only in music but also as the emcee. Everytime he join the variety show, Yong Hwa hyung dare to make joke by copy the act of other artists. When it time to work, Yong Hwa hyung really serious. At the fun time, he will enjoy it all the time.
Min Hyuk: Jong Hyun hyung not only talented in making song but also in sport. Jong Hyun hyung had told me,if he didn’t join CN BLUE, he will be an athlete right now. Even Jong Hyun hyung looks cool,he actually friendly. He love to share lot things with us.
Yong Hwa: Jung Shin is our lovely maknae. He think smart even he still young. Everytime we all moody,he will entertain us. But Jung Shin not confident with himself. He always told us, “ Hyung, I had nothing special except my high.” Jung Shin always feels down with his ability, that’s why he fighting so hard to be better.
Jong Hyun: Min Hyuk takes Jung Shin place as our maknae. People think he is the maknae in CNBLUE when they see his style. Deep in our heart, Min Hyuk is a mature little brother. Not only that,he also really popular among Boice. Even he always play drum lonely at the angle of stage,he can attract photographer to him.

Epop: where is the place you guys visit when promotion in Hong Kong?
Yong Hwa: I had been in Hong Kong once,but the other member visit Hong Kong for the first time. Before, I always heard my friend praise that Hong Kong is a beautiful country. When I go there, I really hope to see the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong. Before CNBLUE, Jang Geuk Suk had been here. He told me about Lan Kwai Fong. Poorly, we don’t have time to visit there.

Epop: did you guys really close?
Jong Hyun: of course~ among the members, I’m really close with Min Hyuk because his age close to mine. We share lots topic. For Jung Shin, his eyes half opened when sleep. He really got the big eyes right? Hehe~

Jung Shin: Nope! You sleep just wear the underwear~

Epop: what you guys feel when doing the promotion overseas?
Min Hyuk: hehe, I had visit lots country. Even working, im so touched when see lots Boice support us. At the future,I hope CNBLUE will get more chances to meet Boice from lots country. Before, I had visit Hong Kong with other member. I really love to eat ‘Hong Kong Dim Sum’. I had eat ‘Hong Kong Dim Sum before in Korea. When I reach in Hong Kong, I go to eat ‘Har Gow’. It really tasty~after Hong Kong Boice know I love to eat ‘Har Gow’, they brought me lots of ‘Har Gow’. For Taiwan, I love to drink Bubble tea. Besides, I really like smelly tofu and beef noodle soup

Epop: what you feel when people said you had the jumping thinking?
Jung Shin: I have jumping thinking? Really weird people said I had jumping thinking~ since I  join the variety show, I notice that I not a really talkative. So, I have to do more to being funny talkative person like Stephen Chow.

Epop:  which members afraid to ghost?
Yong Hwa: no. Me didn’t scare to ghost!
Min Hyuk: he he, Yong Hwa hyung really not afraid to to ghost. He always off the light when alone in room. While me, really afraid to ghost.
Jung Shin: but, Yong Hwa hyung really scare to goldfish and insects!
Yong Hwa: hahaha, I’m really scare with goldfish! I feel so uneasy everytime I see goldfish eyes.

Epop: did you the care maknae to hyung?
Min Hyuk: he he… my behaviour really like maknae~
Jong Hyun: sometimes, Min Hyuk will be mature infront us!

Epop: what do you guys feel about CNBLUE popularity in Japan and Korea?
Yong Hwa: now its not the same like before.we cannot go anywhere in Japan by ourself..hehe besides Japan and Korea, we also getting more like in other country.

Epop: what type of the girl that you dislike?
Yong Hwa: no, but I didn’t like the girl who like to tell lie.
Jong Hyun: quite girl
Jung Shin: girl who like to nagging
Min Hyuk: girl that make me feel uncomfortable when I’m with her.

Epop: just said if you guys have a sister, who will you recommend?
Yong Hwa: Min Hyuk
Jong Hyun: I will never recommend anybody to my sister.
Jung Shin: Jong Hyun hyung said it right
Yong Hwa: if you close to Min Hyuk, you will notice that he is the romantic person.

Scan by : ninie@cnbluebeat
English Trans by : tifa@cnbluebeat 

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