[PHOTO] Super Junior Donghae TweetPhoto with Minhyuk 2010.12.17

[ Donghae Tweet ]

  • http://twitpic.com/3gmtu2 - 우리 연두랑같이 한컷 !!! 씨엔블루 민혁이가 슈퍼주니어중 동해형이 제일 좋다고 말했어요 !!! 선물감사합니다 !! -민혁-

[ English Trans ]
  • Wuli Yeondu together selfcam!!! CNBLUE MinHyuk said before among  Super Junior member Donghae Hyeong is the one he like the most!!!Thank you for the gift!!

Source : http://twitter.com/donghae861015
Translation Credit to : mysj_malaysia@twitter
Posted by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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Anonymous said...

minhyuk is so tall..^_^