[NEWS] SeoHyun freaks out at Jong Hyun because of Yonghwa

On We got Married aired on 18th, as part of the mission Yong Hwa recommended going over to CNBlue's dorm.

Before going, Yong Hwa phoned Jong Hyun to ask what he was doing. Jong Hyun didn't know Yong Hwa had his phone on speaker phone, and he answered, "Just in underwear on the bed relaxing" which freaked Seo Hyun out.

Yong Hwa added, "It's on speakerphone so Seo Hyun can hear you and she's freaking out."

At this Jong Hyun panicked and repeated "She can hear? She can hear?". However, Jong Hyun seemed to be enjoying freaking Seo Hyun out and added "Min Hyuk is also in his underwear"

At this SeoHyun seemed to be shocked and said "I'm not going to your dorm" which caused laughter.

Source:My Daily
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