[NEWS] Donghae & Minhyuk ''It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter'' the magnaes' mental warfare attracting laughter

The adorable mental warfare between Super Junior Donghae and CNblue Minhyuk became a topic.

In SBS drama series , Wook Gi (Donghae's role) became someone who had nowhere to go and was under the control of the magnae (,) Yeon Doo. Although Yeon Doo started a mental warfare regarding the usage of formal language on Wook Gi (,) but Wook Gi thought that the way Yeon Doo behaved was rather cute, and (he) became more aware of his position as an older brother.

In the drama, the magnaes were both Donghae and Minhyuk. In actual fact, they are also the magnaes at the shooting scenes, and were seen inseparable throughout the shooting. At times (,) they'll discuss about each other's acting seriously and once they have the time (,) they'll crack jokes and present their playful side to everyone.

Staff workers who personally viewed the playful side of them said "Always seeing them together, the image of them practising and joking around is really adorable; a smile will unknowingly surface on our faces. And seeing them discuss about acting in a serious manner during the shooting, and solving problems together (,) (we) thought they were really handsome."

On the other side, narrated an insensible girl grasping the stories of life only through taking care of her sick father and (the drama) will be broadcasted on Monday and Tuesday at 8.50pm

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