YH : Hello Japanese Boice, we are CNBLUE.
MH : I'm Minhyuk
YH : I'm Yonghwa
JH : I'm Jonghyun
JS : I'm Jungshin
JS : Today was so fun. our first fan meeting was amazing.
YH : So am I.
JH : It really impressed me. thank you.
MH : Really happy.
YH : About Zepp Tour ...
MH : Ah yes, Zepp Tour in 2011
JH : Next year!
MH : Yes next year, January 9th at Osaka. 11th at Fukuoka. 13th at Nagoya, and 16th at Tokyo. Please wait about place.
JH : Yes please wait.
YH : Ok, let's meet next year everyone!
All : We are CNBLUE. Thank you.
MH : Boice is saikou (the best)
JH : Yeah~

Video credit to : LMHTWYT@youtube
Translation credit : nyuu @ Code Azzuroo
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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