[UFO+TRANS] Yonghwa Best UFO Reply

To CNBLUE : I spent the whole weekend on you..I said I would do but I didn’t do finally (I think there are more stories about her). Hing (kind of crying sound).
From Yonghwa : It is always pretty to be bright/cheerful, JiSoo..Always smile. Fighting tomorrow too!

To CNBLUE : I am so happy to know many people because of YongHwa.
From Yonghwa : I am also happy if it is because of me. Good relation and bad relation are all good. And thank you, 망고 (Mango)

To CNBLUE : A star will be shining in YongHwa’s heart.
From Yonghwa :행복햄~ Yes, Will shine! (I think the subject is Yongwha in this message)

To CNBLUE :YongHwa, I miss ShinWoo..I saw you in Minam (= drama, you are beautiful). I want to go back. Minam filming.
From Yonghwa : I really miss that moment too. It was really fun when I was thinking only one thing and when the time really flew fast.

To CNBLUE :Congratulations on the first anniversary! Thank you for coming to us, thank you and thank you. I will be your fan forever.
From Yonghwa : Forever be my fan!? Really!? Keke hihi thanks I’ll work hard, please look out for me!

*The words in green are the translator’s notes*

Translation by : A.C.Y
Credit to : codenameblue.wp
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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