[UFO+TRANS] Jungshin Best UFO Reply

Fans: Jungshin-aa~ for the next album …(sorry don’t understand)… looking forward for your solo dance! aja aja! I’ll keep supporting you~ (heart)
JS: The rumor is there will be Lee Jungshin power dance for the highlight part

Fans: Nuna will give Jungshin a more more more better presents for your birthday next year! >_<
JS: You don’t have to~ Please just keep sending me a msg like this so we can have a chat. Don’t change!

Fans: Jungshin-aa~~ Nuna change my nickname. From now on, i’m Jungshinie fan~ kekek Lee Jungshin jjang~!! (jjang = the best) kekekekek
JS: Oo? CN Jungshin is cool. (her nickname now is CN♥Jungshin)

Fans: Today i went to the fashion show so i couldn’t have lunch. But i’m not hungry, coz i saw a very suave Jungshin.
JS: kekekek Why didn’t you eat? You should have eat first then come ㅠ

Fans: What are you doing? you’re not sulking, are….. you? hahahaha diss is LOVELOVELOVE ;ㅅ:
JS: kekekek sulking… my heart is very big like the ocean…………………

Source : cnbluestorm.com
Translated by blue_jus7
Posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm

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