[UFO+TRANS] Jonghyun UFO Best Reply

To CNBLUE :Your UTA (the abbreviation of UFO TOWN) is so chic. (Actually it’s not the meaning of chic in English. In Korea, these days it’s used more like as a meaning of indifferent or a bit arrogant or cold.. or ‘cool’. The latter is more like real meaning of chic in English, I guess..). Please be sweet once!
From Jonghyun : love you.

To CNBLUE : JongHyun~ It’s chilly in the evening. Don’t wear thin clothes again and wear warmer one.
From Jonghyun : I say so..Take care of yourself.(Literally.. it means ‘please don’t catch a cold’)

To CNBLUE : Jonghyun. Please say something (literally it means one sentence) for me who is going rotten in the library, huh?
From Jonghyun : Lee Jonghyun is the truth

To CNBLUE : Good luck to you for the performance at the big stage and in front of a lot of people. Did you get Japanese cookies and photobook?
From Jonghyun : I did UTA since this (I’m not sure what “this” is. I guess it’s japanese cookies and photobook) reminds me. Anyway, thank you.
To CNBLUE : Oppa, how are you doing these days? It’s my exam period. Please reply to me!
From Jonghyun : Recording, practicing and working? Studying and exercising?

* P.S. The words in green are the translator’s notes.*

Translation by : A.C.Y
Credit to : codenameblue.wp
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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