After the success of their 3rd Mini Album , CNBLUE kept on working hard to release their new single album, ! In this album, there’s a song titled . Asked whether they have lied before, all 4 members nodded their heads agreeing ‘YES’~ Their honesty really makes us amazed! Boice, do you wanna know what are the reasons CNBLUE lied? Do you want to know more about CNBLUE’s perception of the album ? Let’s follow the interview with CNBLUE

Epop: What is the factor that encouraged you to create the song   ?

Jong Hyun : I really like J-POP, I always listen to Japanese songs. As the guitarist, I took great concern over the guitar part in , haha! While creating this song, I was busy imagining myself playing the guitar while singing this song. This song really gives me satisfaction!

Yong Hwa: Actually I had to go on an on-going repeating process to record the song ! During the process I had difficulties learning the Japanese pronunciation. The pronunciation like ‘tsu’, ‘zu’ and ‘jyo’ was really hard for me. Eventhough I am satisfied with the result but the producer was a bit frustrated with my Japanese pronunciation. In order to not let the producer get frustrated again I will work harder on learning the Japanese language starting from now.

Epop: Have you ever lied?

Jung Shin: Everyone has lied right? Lying has its good and bad. Lies that hurt people is considered bad. Lying which is in a desperate time is considered good. Sometimes, some people tell lies to achieve a good purpose.
Jong Hyun : Jung Shin is right! No matter how big or small the lie is I believe everyone has lied before right? Like the saying, Lies strengthens the strength from reality that saddens. Because of that, lying doesn’t just mean it’s something bad. There are times when one small lie can help someone, but of course we can’t lie all the time.

Yong Hwa : Recently I have been lying to my omma and appa. Everytime omma and appa asks about my life I will try to calm them down by saying, “Don’t worry about me, my life is going really well.” Eventhough I’m in a big problem, I wont tell them how I feel. I don’t want my omma and appa to worry about me. Since the problem is happening to me, I have to carry the responsibility alone.

Min Hyuk : When I was small I was always scolded by my omma and appa for lying. Since then I tried my best not to lie. Sometimes when im in trouble I really feel like lying to get myself out of it. But in the end I don’t do that. I really hate to lie so I try my best not to!

Epop : Can you tell us a bit about the song ?

Yong Hwa: This song is very special. The first time we challenged ourselves with this kind of style, we were quite worried how the Boices(CNBLUEs fans) reaction would be towards this song! As a band, we also would like to try songs that is groovy! So I brought a lot of groove rhythm in this song. In this album I fulfilled a lot of my wishes all this while to showcase this type of song.

Jong Hyun: I also expressed the rhythm field in an elegant and groovy way. While performing I will try to bring this song in a more relaxed way. Eventhough im a bit worried to sing live but I feel like I want to give it a try.

Epop: How do you feel when you’re promoting in Japan?

Jung Shin : Japan really makes us remember our memories before we debuted. Compared to Korea, Japan really makes me feel comfortable! Besides that, live performance venues in Japan are really special!

Min Hyuk: We’ve done a lot of live shows in Japan. Because of that, we’ve succeeded to have a Asian Tour concert. We hope a lot of people support CNBLUE!

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