[ARTICLE] Jung Yong-hwa has been proven innocent!


On SBS’s “Every Night”,which aired on November 22, a controversy about Kkal-Chang (slip sole) aroused between two idols!
Dae-sung from Big Bang is the one who started the talk about Kkal-Chang. Lee Kyeong-sil said to him “You look taller now than in waiting room”. Dae-sung replied “Jung Yong-hwa did the same thing too”. The CNBlue vocal was irritated by that sentence and denied it.

After continuous challenges from Dae-sung, Jung took off his shoe and proved that he was really innocent. Dae-sung was embarrassed and said “He is a faithful guy”.

Do you look down on idol who wears a Kkal-Chang(shoe lifts)?

Source: Naver 
Credit to : popseoul.com
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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