[ARTICLE] Jonghyun & Minhyuk Worries Will Fail To Act Well


Jong Hyun & Min Hyuk stars in the film "Worries Will Fail To Act Well"

CNBLUE member, Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk had joined the shoot of the film which its theme is music! On the premiere day, Yong Hwa and Jung Shin attended it to show support towards Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk. Jong Hyun said “ Yong Hwa hyeong is a senior to us in acting. He gave a lot of opinions. Besides that, he also lent us a lot of notes for reference.” 

Before this Yong Hwa has acted as a band member in the drama ! Now, Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk also acted as a popular band member in the film . Jong Hyun said “ I really wanted to act in this film because it’s theme was based on music. At first when I got the script I was worried if I couldn’t act well. Good thing is that the staff team and actors helped a lot, because of that I got to complete the shoot perfectly.”

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