[WGM] Jung Yong Hwa gets jealous over SeoHyun’s wedding dress?

On the recent episode of ‘We Got Married‘, SeoHyun told Yong Hwa that she wore a wedding dress for TRAX’s album photoshoot.

SeoHyun agreed to let Yong Hwa see the photo but she flashed it in front of him, making Yong Hwa even more excited. After looking at the photo in her phone, Yong Hwa asked Seo Hyun, “What is it like to wear the wedding dress?” to which Seo Hyun replied, “Everyone said we (Jung Mo – TRAX vocalist) match.”

Yong Hwa then asked “Did you feel weird (on that day)?” Seo Hyun answered, “Yes, it feels weird“. Yong Hwa expressed his feelings by saying, “So you liked it? But you didn’t tell me about it”. She replied, “I have no chance to tell you, during that time, it was our cut-off period.”

Yong Hwa requested for a cut-off period to not contact each other for a month, so to let Seo Hyun missing him more.

 Source : Newsen
 Credit to : hellokpop.com
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