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DJ : … (omitted), CNBLUE made an appearance yesterday. Please enjoy it…
First of all, I’d like to ask how do you compose your songs?

Jonghyun : I get inspirations after watching TV and movies. Yonghwa Hyung..when it rains..
YongHwa: I do lot of writings [when it pours].
Jonghyun: He’s the rain man.

DJ : Yonghwa the rain man? So, you said you like to compose a song when its raining so i guess in times like that you wish that it will continue to rain. Currently K-POP is booming, what positions do you think wouldCNBLUE be?

Jonghyun : We want to be a really successful live band. We also want to do live street performance in Korea.
Member : Yeah, we want to do that.
Jonghyun : Really.. I want to.
Yonghwa : But there would be many fans flock around…

DJ : Right, live street could be dangerous when there’s too many fans swarm around. So, you said you want to be a successful live band. Then, in korea or Japan where would you like to perform live? there are also many questions asked on where you could see a street live show in Korea.

Member (? ): Hongik..
Jonghyun: Hongdae and …
Yonghwa: Gangnam, Apgujeong and … Ilsan ..
Minhyuk : Ah.., Ilsan.
Jonghyun: For Japan I’d like to perform in front of the train..at the station..
Yonghwa : Shinjuku .. In Japan, Shinjuku Station … in Korea …
Jungshin : Mullae Station (other members laugh )
Jonghyun : It’s our..
Jungshin : … house is there.

DJ : In Korea it’s where they live, in Japan it’s Shinjuku station, so what would happen if they do shows in this places? It might be awesome if that truly happens. CNBLUE will come back to Japan on Oct 28th for their fanclub event, so what kind of live performance will they be doing, we’re really looking forward to it.

Korean Translation by 흔들리는바람@YJH DC
English Translation by @blue_jus7 & fizzy@cnbluestorm
Posted by omonoOna@cnbluestorm

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video by LyKaWaBOICE @YT
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