[ UFO + TRANS ] Yonghwa UFO reply 07.10.2010

  • [Fans] : Yonghwa-ya~~ be strong~ although i leave a message like this, actually… noona wants to receive a little encouragement.

  • [Yonghwa] : Because i have a lot of energy, i share it with you! We will work even harder, in return. Please don’t worry

  • [Fans] : 1yr debut, congrats!! noona wants to be a cool fan, but, can’t help to feel sad. I want to see you.

  • [Yonghwa]: Don’t feel sad. Cause we’re trying to give a much better performance. Don’t worry and please watch over us. Ok~??

  • [Fans] : Yonghwa-ya~~ how are you doing today??^^ be careful of the cold~♥

  • [Yonghwa] : kekek yes. Ppiyakui-nim also be careful of the cold! kekek

  • [Fans] : oppa! 1yr debut congratulations ♥ you know my heart rite~? i love you ~

  • [Yonghwa] : 1 year… went really fast… in a way it feels a bit sad… Thank you. I will work even harder~

  • [Fans] : I understand it’s been a hard 1 year hoho But we, the fans, will always be your support,, Keep it up, be strong!!

  • [Yonghwa] : well even if it’s gonna be even harder kekek have to endure it. Hwaiting! kekek

Credit : 용플라워~ & 지나가는바람 @JYH DC
Translated by blue_jus7@twitter

Thanks to Fukiko for the tip

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