[TWITTER] 101022 Jong Hyun's Tweet

KOREAN VERSION:안녕하세요 기타쟁이 종현입니다. 수요일은 어쿠스틱 시사회 오늘은 정신이의 패션쇼. 요즘 우리 좀 잘나가는것같아요. 훗. 이제좀있음 어쿠스틱 개봉이니까 꼭보고감상평남겨주세요.! 어쿠스틱화이팅!

Hi, it's guitar freak Jonghyun. On wednesday we had Acoustic Preview, today Jungshinie's fashion show. We're on a roll lately. hoot. Acoustic will be released soon, please watch it and then leave us a comment.! Acoustic hwaiting!

credit :
Jong Hyun @ CNBLUE_4 twitter
english translation by blue_jus7 @ twitter
re-posted by tifa@cnbluebeat


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