[TRANSLATION] CNBLUE Article in TV Guide Magazine

They went to Japan to study about music, for 6months lived in Japan while doing performances, then debuted in Korea this January, CNBLUE.

Their modern rock music received great response, starting a new wave and in a sudden sweeping the Korean chart, at #1.

Jonghyun : Whether it was live street performances or Live house concert, we were aiming for more than 100 performances in Japan. It was a good experience to directly feel the audience response. It can be considered as our foundation for us today. Though it was hard carrying all the heavy equipments to the live spots.

Jungshin : One of the memory in Japan was once we lost our rooms keys after doing a performance. So one member had to go to the apartment above us, and ask for his help and went in from the veranda. If we think about it now, it was quite reckless to go down from a 5-storey high. (laugh)

Minhyuk : when we were hungry and had no money, that was the kinda time when we wished to go back to Korea. (laugh)

Leader Jung Yonghwa also filmed for a drama You’re Beautiful, an actor and an MC and now also active in many variety shows.

Yonghwa : I enjoy everything that i do, but of course I feel the most happy when doing music. Although making a song or practice always goes late into the night, but because i love it, i think it’s reasonable to do so.

So what are the future expectation for this group with outstanding teamwork?

Minhyuk : Like Rolling Stone, i want to continue until we become a Haraboji (grand pa) band like the 4 of them.

Jungshin : Our own personal dream and also from the music side to be realized, will it be possible?

Jonghyun : i want to perform in a rock festival like summer sonic, with many other artists. (The Summer Sonic Festival is an annual two or three-days rock festival held at the same time in Osaka and near Tokyo)

Yonghwa : To perform live in Tokyo Dome. I also want to be the best in Japan.

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