[REVIEW] About "Japan Fanmeeting" CNBLUE 1st Official Fanclub Event 2010.10.28

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Tshirt and jumper..Drawn by themselves

Review of Oct.28 Japan fan meeting (credit: DC YH gallary)

They sang 12 songs - Intro, Lets go crazy, Love revolution, voice, love, loner, Teardrops, Why y, lie, DJing show of I don't know why, one time, arigatou.
DJing show of I don't know why - Yong Hwa performed mixed music of I don't know why with PC and keyboard. And sang the song at the same time.
The end part of 'Love revoludtion' - I wanna be your shinning light~~~~~~ Yong Hwa stretched it very long time. Amazing.

Yonghwa - long hair with some part popped out. His pants are so odd. front and rear had totally different design.

Jonghyun - All black. black Tshirt and black jacket, but he took off the jacket from the first.
Minhyuk - All black, prince style jacket. Elegant prince drummer.
Jungshin- Stylish! Black pants, white Tshirt, waved fore hair, had checkered patterns tablecloth on his waste :D

Donated collection are mostly their clothes they wore at Sep.20 Shibuya concert. And CDs which they signed on.

Not new CD, but old CDs whcih they had listened for long time. Jonghyun's was Bump of chicken, Jungshin's was Mister big.
Yong Hwa's was guitar strap which he used at YAB filming. Minhyuk's was 4 drum sticks.

Yonghwa imitated Kimura Takuya in Gatby CFs. (These CFs are famous in Korea too)

He said rolling eyes is most important, and he did rolling eyes again. :D

Jungshin's favorite color is all black, Minhyuk said black and white.

Yong Hwa said gold and silver. He said "bling bling", but Japanese couldn't understand it, so he said in Japanese again "kira kira"
Jong Hyun said "I like Aoi". He should have said 'Ao' in Japanese or 'blue' in English. (Aoi is a girl's name, it made people laugh to death)

Winners of rock-paper-scissors came on the stage. CNBLUE guys stood in one line like waiters and shouted "Irashai~" (Welcome) Jungshin said "Yes, A-set please!". (Remember? Jonghyun's favorite Japanese food was Yoshinoya A-set) He said it without mic, only a few people could hear it and they collapsed.

Yonghwa and Jungshin didn't prepare much Japanese speech, mostly they spoke in Korean. Jungshin read his palm.

The MC was aged man, he was a good translater too. But he couldn't understand Korean trendy words. Only a few Koreans could hear it and laugh.
Jonghyun and Minhyuk answered in Japanese. Especially Jonghyun kept making people laugh. He can make debut as a comedian in Japan.

Yonghwa was asked that his songs have English lyric, if they were made in English from the first.

He answered he likes groovy feeling, he sings it in meaningless English while composing it.
Jonghyun said he sings it in meaningless Japanese while composing it. When he composed 'Never too late' he sang the whole song with the lyric 'Hontoni arigato'. So the temporary title of 'Never too late' was 'Hontoni'.
Yonghwa showed an example, he sang I'm a loner in meaningless English. click it

MC: When do you think yourself look most handsome?

Jonghyun: When I just get out after taking a shower.
MC: That's what only your girlfriend can see...
Jonghyun: WHAT a dangerous word! You are hentai! (Japanese, pervert. Jonghyun used 'hentai' before even to fan.)
Minhyuk: I don't know when I look nice.
Yonghwa: Minhyuk looks nicest when he plays drum.
Jungshin: I don't know either, maybe when I play bass too.
Yonghwa: Jungshin did a runway walking recently. He looked really gorgeous.
fans: Show me! show me!
(Jungshin showed a comic and cute walking.)
Yonghwa: I think I look nice when I am singing.
Jonghyun: What are you doing? I spoke naturally, you guys are managing your image?

MC: What do you do just before you go on the stage?

Minhyuk: I go to the restroom.
Yonghwa: I try to concentrate myself alone.
Jonghyun: I shake my legs. Today I was shaking my legs, Yonghwa told me to stop it. But if someone tells me to stop it, I feel nervous more.
Jungshin: I eat.

At the last speech, Minhyuk announced there's a four cities tour in January from Jan.9 to Jan.16. (Japan zepp tour)

Some fans say Yong Hwa looked tired and his voice was not in perfect condition.
(He was in filming of 'Night after night' from 5pm to 1am, then took a first flight to Japan)


The Mac notebook and the keyobard which he used at DJing are his birthday present from DC YH gallary fans.
The thick golden ring is a present from DC YH gallary too, as a celebration of Yonghwa's 1st year of acting debut. 

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