[ PHOTO + TRANS] CNBLUE revealing time : Easy Magazine Oct Edition 01.10.2010

It seems that many people have forgotten that CNBLUE just debuted earlier this year. They will become the thing in Korea as a singer. CNBLUE‘s image is strong that captured many hearts of the fans. After resting, the touch of blue will be engraved in everyone’s heart. So now, please enter CNBLUE‘s time…

Jung Yong Hwa Time : A student who have good all around development.
The teachers have praised Yonghwa’s musical talent and commented that he’s a talented student. In the drama “You’re beautiful” , Yonghwa often practiced guitar hard during the shooting because he always remembers that music is his priority.
One day on the company when they were practicing, everybody rested but Yonghwa didn’t. He got a person to practice with him and these dance was arranged by him. Recently, the members revealed that he’s into DJ-ing and has a strong interest in hip hop.

Lee Jonghyun Time : Ideal type is the prettier the better.
Ideal type of young idols always changes (laugh). Recently, he likes girls with long straight hair and wearing a baseball cap. He was asked what is his last ideal type, he said the prettier the better. His words are full of ambition (laugh).
When they are on the road, Jonghyun will always look carefull at his surroundings. He often points out “Wow! That girl is not cool” Then Jungshin will say “Oh no!”. Every time Yonghwa hears this he always amused by them.

Kang Minhyuk Time : Enjoy a person’s feelings “Magic Girl”.
Prince charming in the image of lovely Minhyuk left a big impression on people. When fans evaluated how his sweet smile. He said in fact, he’s an introvert. Compared to group activities, he preferred being alone. Reading, listening to music, no matter what we do. Although he doesn’t have many friends, the members of CNBLUE has become like a family. Just a member for 3 months, Jungshin is his best friend. They often share secret.

Lee Jungshin Time : I’m not 4D.
People often believed that he’s 4D but he said “I really don’t think I’m 4D. I’m just ordinary and why many people has such thoughts?” But Jungshin’s performance in variety shows is remarkable. In fact, he has some considerable ambitions. He would find himself that he is lack of clarity and needs more practice. He desire to become like Stephen Chow that can make many people happy.

CNBLUE Revealing time!!
YongHwa: Jung Shin has a great overall look and his facial features are beautiful too, but … his legs are real hairy!
JongHyun : I think everybody thinks Jung Shin’s eyes are big. When he sleeps, his eyes are open because they’re too big to be closed!
MinHyuk : Every time when we go for interviews, there’s a sentence (word) that the 4 of us keep saying: Really?! We didn’t realize that before but then people around told us. Then we noticed that we say that so frequently.
JungShin : When Jong Hyun hyung sleeps, he wears just his underpants!

CNBLUE Love Question Time!!

Q: If you have a girlfriend, what song will you dedicate to her?
YongHwa : Any song in addition to “Loner”
Q: Do you like older girls?
MinHyuk : I don’t mind age gap as long as we are comfortable and be able to interact as friends.
Q: Is marriage difficult?
JongHyun : Marriage is a very difficult thing
JungShin : It is complex. If it’s me, it would be a hard decision to make.

Source : Easy Magazine
Credit : 信吧皇家护卫队@baidu
Translated by Euni@cnbluestorm
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