[NEWS] Korea-Japan different views on CNBLUE 'IDOL vs TALENTED' 01.10.2010

Music wise, there has been a big difference in perspective on CNBLUE in Korea and Japan.

CNBLUE is known as an idol in Korea but on the other hand, in Japan, they have established themselves as a band in Japan. According to one Warner Music Japan official, "CNBLUE has the image of an Idol Singer in Korea, in Japan music scene they are more and more recognized truly as a Band."

CNBLUE 2nd single 'I don't know why' (out on September 16th) reached #1 on the Oricon Indie Single Weekly Chart last September 27th. Their 1st single which was out in June 'The Way' has also raised to #7. In Japan, all of their performances were sold out and they also showed a powerful performance on stage.

The Warner Music Japan representative also said, "For a Korean band doing rock music and active as a band in Japan, with a result of reaching #1 in an Oricon Indie Chart, with an always sold out concert, is a great achievement." "Their potential and talent is clearly seen," he praised.

The CNBLUE members appearance and height is just as good as the other handsome idol group and therefore known as an 'Idol Band', however they are also a talented band as the members actually do play their instruments and also write and compose their own music. And because of this, CNBLUE is recognized more as a 'Musician' then a 'Star'.

Recently in a Japan search portal Biglobe (ww.biglobe.ne.jp), CNBLUE had the highest vote for 'which KPOP group would you like to see to have a major debut in Japan'. CNBLUE is truly appreciated as a representative of a Korean talented band in the Japan Music World.

CNBLUE, as a request from their Japanese fans, will be having their Japan fan-meeting on October 28th in the Tokyo International Forum.

Credit : CodeAzzuro.net
Source: Seoul Newspaper Now News
Trans: blue_jus7 @ CodeAzzuro
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