[NEWS] CN Blue’s Japanese Fan Meeting Tickets Sold Out In 3 Hours

Having completely sold their concert tickets, CN Blue continued to show their star power in Japan by selling 5,000 tickets to their fan meeting in 3 hours. The fan meeting is scheduled for October 28th at the Tokyo International Forum.

CN Blue and their agency decided to open this fan meeting because fans were unable to purchase the limited concert tickets during September. Tokyo International Forum is very special because only the top echelon of Japanese stars can perform at the location.

They plan on hosting a live mini-concert with various talk topics at the fan meeting.

Hall A, Tokyo International Forum

(admin note : i feel like crying, so proud of them. 10 months debut & already successful with flying colours *hugs* also i feel like want to fly to japan and be a part of the crowd, to see the amazing interior of the hall and of course the amazing boys!)

credits :
article by nanunmaro @akp
reposted by naz @cnbluebeat.com

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