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The First Visit in Taiwan CNBLUE. Full-scale Tracking and Report

Korea’s super popular cool boy band CNBLUE has debuted for less than a year, but their charm has taken all Asia by storm. To meet with Boices (their fans) in various parts of Asia, CNBLUE have the Asia Tour of fan meetings, irrespective of their super tight schedule as a result of their high popularity. And they have finally come to Taiwan, where fans are absolutely enthusiastic …

Day 1

CNBLUE arrived at Taiwan on Mid-Autumn Festival, saying hello
Time: 2010/09/22 18:00
Place: Taoyuen International Airport

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival, a day full of festive spirits. CNLBUE flew to Taiwan, celebrating the festival with us here. Both Koreans and Taiwanese celebrate the festival. To Koreans, it is like when Taiwanese celebrate the lunar new year, they go back to their home towns to visit relatives and pay respects to ancestors. The schedule of CNBLUE is super packed. They had just returned to Korea after their promotion activities in Japan, but had to fly to Taiwan immediately. They couldn’t join their own families to celebrate the festival. But seeing the enthusiastic fans in the airport arrival hall must have given them enough warmth to make this particular Mid-Autumn Festival a very unforgettable one.
On arrival, Leader Jung Yonghwa left a message on twitter, telling fans of their safe arrival and wishing everybody a happy holiday. He also revealed his happiness meeting with Taiwan fans!

Recording: MTV ‘Crazy about J and K Pop’, painting Taiwanese grapefruit and a new idol group

Time: 2010/09/22 20:0
Place: MTV filming studio

With a short rest after arrival, CNBLUE started their promotion activities here in Taiwan. Their first schedule was as guests in MTV’s ‘Crazy about J and K Pop’.

When Trendy stalker (the reporter) arrived at the filming studio, many well-informed Boices had packed the area outside the studio. There were just too many people, even CNBLUE had difficulties getting in the studio when they arrived. There was this thick wall of fans to pass through.
It’s a pity that the original plan of Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue was canceled. But when the four CNBLUE boys met with Calvin of Fahrenheit, they began to chat happily even before the recording.
Yonghwa jokingly said, “I thought Jungshin is very tall and slim, but our host is tall and slim like him. Maybe you two should form an idol group, you’ll surely be very popular.”

Hearing what Yonghwa had said, Jungshin rolled up his sleeve to check with who is thinner, him or the host. The host said it would be a bad idea to name the new group ‘Chopsticks’! Yonghwa had to cover his mouth with his hand to hide his great laughs, while Jonghyun and Minhyuk had laughed so hard that they almost fell on the floor.

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival, of course they had Taiwanese grapefruit! CNBLUE’s painting grapefruit contest in ‘Crazy about J and K POP’! Yonghwa was so interested in the grapefruit, he kept holding the fruit since he first saw it.
Yonghwa, whose bandmates say he’s the one with art talent, drew an ‘angry guy’. He added so much details that he even drew ears of the guy. Jonghyun turned his back against everybody and took long to finish his happy ‘shouting guy’. Jungshing drew double-faced happy and grumpy. That’s so creative. And Minhyuk’s art piece was so different from everybody’s. He drew BONO BONO, a cartoon character that he likes. Trendy stalker thinks smiling Minhyuk actually resembles BONO BONO, both look so cute.

The filming of ‘Crazy about J and K Pop’ finished only until midnight. CNBLUE spent their very first Mid-Autumn Festival here in Taiwan working.

LOOK~LOOK~ Behind the Scene

I always have the impression that CNBLUE are nice and polite. Seeing the filming crew move heavy equipment and pops around, the four boys just went helping them out without second thoughts. CNBLUE’s being nice to everybody is so true!

When Yonghwa was asked to show off his cool gestures he usually do when singing, the other three imitated him at the back. They did it so well that the filming crew laughed a lot. And he had to re-take it so many times for laughing himself. But their bonding came to a test when …

The host suggested testing their acting skills. Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk quietly moved a step back, indirectly pushing their leader to the ‘front line’. Relieved that they didn’t have to be tested, they even directed the scene to be acted out. Between the two idol actors, Calvin and Jung Yonghwa, who could do it better? And what made Yonghwa shouted in the filming studio, “I only like girls!” Please look forward to the broadcast of ‘Crazy About J and K Pop’ on Oct 18 and 19.(Note: The broadcasts were moved forward one week.)

Day 2 CNBLUE schedule, schedule, schedule

[V] Just Love JK recording, Ken’s Chinese lesson!
Time: 2010/09/23 12:30
Place: A hotel in Taipei

Ken of ‘Just Love JK’ is one of those who’ve seen CNBLUE in person for the most times. And the first schedule of CNBLUE’s day 2 activities was his show.
Coming to Taiwan, they have got to speak some Chinese. CNBLUE were good at simple greetings and self-introduction actually, but when tested by Ken, they said funny Chinese that made everybody burst out laughing.
Maybe it’s because Minhyuk has visited Taiwan before, his Chinese was obviously better than the other three and he passed the test so easily. Jungshin barely passed with his somehow weird ‘Good’ and ‘Sorry’; he laughed so much saying them. Yonghwa surprised everybody saying ‘Very good’ with totally accurate pronunciation, but he sounded so much like an uncle with that. The Jonghyun who’s been smiling all the way said, with his thumb up, “Beef noodle, delicious!” He’s so enchanted by Taiwan’s famous beef noodle!

As Ken said he was going to teach them more Chinese, the four boys told him the words they wanted to learn. Language talented Minhyuk learned “Thank you for coming to our concert.”
Yonghwa and Jonghyun actually wanted to learn words for their interacting with fans during the concert but things seemed too difficult for them. They gave up and followed Jungshin, learning to say, “You’re all so beautiful!” Ken promised them that they would get absolutely great feedback from fans saying that in the concert.
While learning to speak Chinese, Jonghyun shook his head and said, “Though I want to sing in Chinese for fans, it’s just too difficult. I’ve got to work harder before I can do that.”

As a good host, Ken had prepared for them some Taiwan snacks: si shen tang (pig intestines in herbal soup), fried rice noodles and rice cake. But CNBLUE had to pass some test before they could enjoy those. So who had the luck to taste the most delicious Taiwan snacks? Please look out to the broadcast of ‘Just Love JK’. But little stalker is revealing a little here secretly. The delicious si shen tang was so loved by the four CNBLUE boys that they finished it all up, feeding each other spoon by spoon.

-to be continued-

Credit : codenameblue
Translation by klaritita
Re-posted by : avelyn@cnbluebeat

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