[ INTERVIEW ] Question to FT ISLAND about CN BLUE 30.09.2010


[ Question to FT island ]

You are close to CNBLUE, what do you do when you're together?

1. Hong Ki: Actually we don't have much time to be together.

2. Min Hwan: Usually we talk to same part, drum to drum. We have more things to say to same part.

Jae Jin: Since we watch each other working, we give advice to each other like this was this, that was that.

3. Min Hwan: Each person has different topic. When I meet Min Hyuk hyung I only talk about drum.

To Yong Hwa hyung, nothing to talk about instrument, we talk about clothes.

4. Jong Hoon: If we were together for long time, we would have talked about girls. But we see just for 10~15 minutes. We should have been together longer.

5. Hong Ki: We were supposed to go MT(trip for membership training) together, but we couldn't.
I saw manager's pocket diary, there was a new date of our MT. I really want to go this time.

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