[FAN ACCOUNT] Review About “DOMINIC’S WAY” Fashion Show 2010.10.22

My review of Oct.22 fashion show [ Credity top saturn.@soompi ]

Jungshin is at 01:44 and 04:17. He did three rounds, I missed the 1st, because I was busy observing them.

Today, all of a sudden I got a ticket in my hand, only one hour before the show. So I ran there.

I've seen CNBLUE in person many times but all were at the concerts. It was my first time to see CNBLUE out of the stage.

When I got in the hall, I saw 5 empty seats at the first row of my opposite side. I smiled, that must be CNBLUE's seats.
Soon 3 members and their stylist came in and sat down. Yong Hwa did pony tail hair again. They all seemed to wear Dominic's Way clothes.

Well, there were so many model-looking guys outside, wherever in the lobby, queue and parking lot. They all had extremely small head, extremely tall and slim. I felt like I was an alien there. But Minhyuk had the smallest face among all of them. It was my first time to see CNBLUE with many other people. I realized how much they are tall and slim and had small faces. 

It was very dark inside, only Jong Hyun's white face sparkled. I could guess their position with Jong Hyun's face.
There was Jang Geun Seok too, he called Yong Hwa's name and they made long distance chatter, They looked funny.

While I was waiting for the show. I was nervous. I felt like I attended my son's school festival.

I've never felt this before at their concert. They are professional musicians. I need only to enjoy and adore them as a fan. But fashion show is different. He is a novice, he could made mistake.
The show began. First model came out with long and bush Jesus hair. Then the second model had Jesus hair too. Maybe my Jungshin too?! But luckily(?) he was in natural hair as he was. All 3 brothers shouted and applauded, especiall YongHwa stood up and applauded, but other 2 brothers didn't join him :D
Jungshin did so great job. I didn't need to be worried at all.

At the last, all models walked out together in half nude. My eyes almost popped out to find Jungshin among them. But there wasn't him, I was relieved.(and disappointed :) )
Then the designer and Jung Shin came out together and greeted to the audience. 3 members went to them and they all went into the backstage.
I saw Jungshin's twitter picture. Jungshin is second to none among professional models. 

Thanks saturn.@soompi for the review ^^
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