[UFO] 2010. 10. 13 UFO Replies Update

Fan: Jungshina… Do you know where is the scariest place in this world? kekekek
JS: umm… dentist? kekek

Fan: Jungshina what are you doing? I really miss Jungshinie…
S: I got hungry while practicing.. so now I’m eating while replying UFO. Rice and Spam.

Fan: Ah so you’re practicing till this time. Make sure you rest as well ㅠㅠ How’s Minhyuk’s arm??
JS: umm.. it was quickly given a bandage so it’s less swollen~~ it’ll be alright.

Fan: What the hell are you doing?!!!!
S: Well I’m eating

Fan: No one said happy birthday to me when I left home, please cheer me up T_T Jungshin nunim T_T
JS: Please don’t be sad! I send you a birthday greeting. Now a handsome boyfriend will appear

Fan: Jungshina.. Jungshina.. Jungshina………. Jungshina?
JS: Yes.. Yes.. Yes……….Yes?

Source Credit: jyh dc gallery + bestiz and codenameblue
Shared by 2kiko@twitter
Translation by Dita (blue_jus7@twitter)
Re-posted by : avelyn@cnbluebeat

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