Ueno was in disguise, wearing glasses as a waitress in a sushi bar. Our Yongseo couple, who were to enjoy their meal there could not recognize their ideal and idol, even Ueno took off her glasses later.

She even asked Yong " Who is this lady beside you?" "MY WIFE", He answered, without noticing that he was talking to his ideal.

When our couple finally knew the truth (it took them about 30 minutes!), they were so shocked at the beginning but very happy subsequently. Ueno had done the research on our Yongseo and she knew "I'm a loner" . She sang a bit and he played the guitar. They had a good time together. Hyun kept on asking Ueno whether the Male lead would come as he was his ideal, haha. Later they went back to their house and had an enjoyable period of time. Hyun showed her the bag and the book she bought.

Of course Yong seemed can't recognize his ideal when he with his lovely wife because Yong already fall in love with hyun bu~in. According his answered about his "Ideal Girl" when he was asked who is his ideal girl, he answered since he is into dramas lately, he likes Nodame Cantabile, so his ideal girl is Ueno Juri. but after that, when asked again about his ideal girl, he always answers that ideal is just ideal, it doesn't mean anything. So to him, if ideal doesn't mean anything, saying that Ueno Juri is his ideal doesn't mean anything >_<. Seemed i the only person suffered to face the fact yong into hyun ^ ^ ahaks!

Credit: Baidu
translation by 小雨 nunu lulu
illustration by XO 醬
Re-Posted By : avelyn@cnbluebeat

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