WGM Couple SNSD Seohyun and CN Blue Jung Yonghwa’s First Love Quarrel?

On the latest episode of MBC We Got Married, SNSD Seohyun expressed how she negatively feels toward her virtual husband Jung YongHwa.

Seohyun interrogated Jung Yonghwa as to why he didn’t greet her ‘happy birthday’ on the night before her birthday.  She expressively stated, “I was disappointed. [You're] Unappreciative. I’m not going to text you anymore.” To his surprise, Yonghwa explained, “I was waiting to send you one at 12 AM, but it was too late.” And Seohyun called him out again and said, “I got a lot of messages even after 12.”
Jung Yonghwa, to his defense, said, “I have a reason for not sending it.” This brought confusion and curiosity to viewers as he made it look like he has a surprise prepared for his wife.
Their cute love quarrel probably brought them closer together, no?

Credit : Jung SaeRom @ tvreport.co.kr
Source : kpoplive.com 
Translation: ch0sshi @ kpoplive.com
 Written by: hanjibear @ kpoplive.com
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