[ VIDEO + TRANS ] CN BLUE Games Challenge MTV Taiwan (Round 1)

(I translated the subtitles, and the traditional chinese I know only comes from watching shows as my read/written Chinese isn't the best so...it should be correct, hopefully, haha.)

After their introductions:
YH: This is the first time I've seen these games. But here, this one looks a lot of Jonghyun.

Everyone: This one's like Jungshin

The Game Starts: Round 1 - Jump Rope

JH: I used to be able to do (jump) 3000 in one day.

Captions while Jungshin is jumping: Girly, girly, girly

YH: Look, look. This is the one.
Captions under Jungshin after that: Jump-roping King

YH: In actually, frequently there aren't that many jumps. It's just that the sound is loud.

MH (after failing): I haven't jumped for too long!

YH: Ah, do you or do you not know how to?
Words under Minhyuk: Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing*

YH: When I was in middle school, I was the one who represented jump roping (first in class).

JS: Let me show everyone, I'm skilled at jump-rope (jump-rope master)
Words: Jungshin's Pose 100%

Round 2: Birdie bouncing

Words under Jungshin: Totally Embarrassing!!

YH: He's actually very enthusiastic about this game. *JH messes up* See, see!

YH: I don't know how to do this... *after second try* Did we come today for a sports event?
After YH pretends to be stabbed, words: Really loves to act

Round 3: The Gypo
Someone (couldn't tell who): They gypo's going all the way to Korea.

JH: I used to always play this.

YH: The gypo spins under the chair 300 times.
Words under him: Getting Nervous

Part 2 Coming Soon !!!!

* omgeeee ! so funny ! can't stop laughing watching this vid*

Credit to : POGA@soompi for translation
Credit to : egg942 & gail7411 @ YT
Re-Post : ninie@cnbluebeat

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