[VIDEO] Old 100707 CNBLUE @ MRookies Interview

English Translation

(0:52) MC asks CNBLUE what they wear when they sleep.
Yong Hwa: We just wear ordinary pajama.
Lady: Ah you're normal. Anyone who sleeps without clothes?
Min Hyuk: We are mostly ordinary, but one person is different.
(Jong Hyun bursts into laugher) Guess who is that person.
MCs : This person (pointing Jong Hyun) He turned himself out.
What do you wear when you sleep?
Jong Hyun: Yes. I wear underpants only when I sleep.
Ho young: Why do you not ask him directly? She wants to know what type of underwear you wear.

MCs: Who is most different between at work and at home?
(point Jung Shin)
Jung Shin : Why me?
Yong Hwa : We all hardly act charming, but Jung Shin is most charming among us.
But on the stage, he shows charisma.

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video by sannycho @YT
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farah atifa said...

aigo0~yess.. jung shin is the most charming among cn blue.. huhu
wo0oaa~hyun only wear underwear?? hehe.. unnie.. ur so lucky!!!