[ VIDEO ] KBS Entertainment Relay - Acoustic Movie Minhyuk & Jonghyun 04.09.2010

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Today(Sep.04) KBS Entertainment relay, the poster phototaking of the movie Acoustic' was shown.
Mostly it's interview of Shin Se Kyung, a little bit of Sulong and a few words of Min Hyuk. Jong Hyun didn't speak a word.
They took picture on a grass (Sulong's twitter picture).
While phototaking, Jong Hyun was playing guitar and singing Sunday morning.
The reporter asked Min Hyuk how he called Shin Se Kyung.
Min Hyuk answered, he didn't know how to call her, so he never had called her yet.
Till then, he had not spoken to her at all. (He needs to learn Yong Hwa's sociability)
Sulong talked about his drama filming with Son Ye Jin, Jong Hyun was envious of him.
But Sulong said his ideal type is Shin Mina.
Later, 3 guys took a picture for twitter. they missed Shin Se Kyung, couldn't take picture together.
(Entertainment relay download http://www.sendspace.com/file/t4hhdk )

* Aigooo..really can't wait for the movie..*

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