[ VIDEO ] CNBLUE - Japan Official Fanclub MESSAGE

[YH] : ” Many fans from Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo came to our show.  Thank you so much, we really had a good time.”
[JH] : “Though we felt bitter about it a little※. We’ll show you better performance in the next live show.”
[ALL] : “We promises!!”
[JH] : “So, please come everyone!!”
[MH] : “Our fan club event will be held on October 28th.”
[JH] : “That’s right!”
[MH] : “Many….”
[JH]:”Fighting!” p^^q
“You can count on it!”
[YH] : “Thank you so much. See you in the next live performance!”
[CNBLUE said] : “From CNBLUE!”

Sharing by : Jillwithercraft@soompi
Credit to : jhncnc@yt
Translation credit to : 2kiko@cnbluestorm
Posted by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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