[ UPDATE ] About Listen to the CNBLUE in Nagoya , Japan 18.09.2010


Review of Nagoya concert (from Japanese blog)

Translation & Summary of  fan accounts by saturn.@soompi

Nagoya live was the best. Personally it was better than Osaka.
We were closer to the stage.
Yong Hwa is just 21 years old, but he knows how to coax fans.(laugh) He looked at us like telling, "Yes yes I know what you want."

There was a birthday party again today. Maybe they will do it at Tokyo too.
Yong Hwa said again that Jung Shin is still minor.
But Jong Hyun said, "Jung Shin got birthday celebration three times, the day before yesterday, yesterday and today. So he became 3 years older. Then he is 22?"
Suddenly Jung Shin acted like a grown-up, and Yong Hwa bowed down to him.
Yong Hwa said, "They are Ramen, Tsukemen, I am Ikemen."
Ramen is Min Hyuk, Tsukemen(noodle) is Jung Shin. Ikemen(handsome man) is Yong Hwa himself.
Jong Hyun said, "Why are you the only handsome man?"
Jong Hyun seemed to be sensitive to a handsome man title, he had argured before at the radio show when Jung Shin was called the face of CNBLUE.
Then he said, "I am Amen." posing as a prayer.

Jong Hyun said, "At Osaka live, our condition was not good. There's a proverb in Japan that 'fools don't catch cold'. We 3 caught cold, but only Yong Hwa didn't catch cold."
Yong Hwa said, " I am not a fool, but more like a genius? ... yes I am a fool."
At that time, his face was so cute.

While someone was talking, Min Hyuk took off his shirt, so he was wearing a sleeveless only.
Suddenly audience shouted, Min Hyuk became embarrassed to see he was being noticed.
Yong Hwa said, "Sexy Min Hyuk!", Jong Hyun said, "I envy you."

Jung Shin said, "We ate Nagoya specialty, Misukatsu(Pork cutlet with miso sauce), Hitsumabushi(eel rice), Tabasaki(fried chicken wing). They were so delicious."
Jong Hyun flapped his arms saying "Chicken wing."

I heard recorded files of Sep.16 Osaka concert, Jong Hyun's voice was not in good condition.
And also he was nervous to play new songs. (New songs are difficult to play, aren't they?) He skipped some of his singing part. Some fans complained to Jong Hyun. Because it's the first time to play Yong Hwa's new song.
I remember 'One time', it wasn't perfect at Japan concert in June, but it was perfect at July Korean concert.
Soon they will be accustomed to new songs. They are progressing everyday. It's enough so far.
Yong Hwa's voice was great. And live music is different from CD anyway.

Maybe because of this fans' complain or just the success of Nagoya performance, Yong Hwa sent many sweet messages to fans last night through UFO town even from Japan.
such as "Please love me forever" or "The weather here is cool. How is it there? It must be cool too.", "I miss you. I'll see you soon at the concert. Good night."

* hmmm..please get well soon guys..i'm totally worried about u guys *


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