[ TWITTER ] Jungshin & Yonghwa tweet 13.09.2010

Jungshin tweet about Japanese Album Release and his Birthday

여러분~잘지내셨습니까? 정신입니다 지금은일본앨범릴리즈기념공연연습중입니다!15일에일본으로또떠난답니다 ㅠㅠ….지금까지씨엔블루사랑해주셔서감사합니다흑흑…. 장난이구요!ㅋㅋ또 15일은제생일이랍니다!짝짝짝 감사합니다…모두들건강히지내고계세용


Hi,everybody~ How are you? This is JungShin. Right now I’m practicing to prepare for the Japanese album release concert. I will leave for Japan on 15 Sept. TT__TT Thank you for your love to CNBLUE. Huhu. It’s just a joke. It’s my birthday on 15 Sept. Clap clap clap. Thank you. Please take care.

Jungshin Twitpic "a picture with my essential bass in the practice room"

And Yong sent one tweet later^^


Yonghwa / In the middle of practicing for Japan concert!!! Aaa very nervous kekek We’ll be the CNBLUE who do a lot of concerts kekek hope a lot of people come to see us kekek

Source : CNBLUE official twitter account
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