[ TRANSCRIPT ] CNBLUE Taiwan Showcase Interview 25.09.2010

[ by daphne0831 @ baidu bar, translated by jovena ]

MC: what do you think of the fans' behaviour today?

YongHwa : after seeing how passionate all the fans are today, we sang 2 extra songs.because of everyone! at first we invited everyone to stand with us to enjoy the concert, but we realised the stage will shake. we were afraid that the stage will fall, so we asked everyone to sit down again.

MC: please remember this is taipei.

YongHwa : we already use our eyes to take photo of everyone here. today was really happy, this is our biggest crowd so far after our debut.

MC: then don't go back to Korea, stay in taiwan ok?


MC: (taught them how to say "must come back to taiwan" in chinese)

CNBLUE: yi ding lai tai wan

MC: hahah might as well change to "i want to stay in taiwan"
( Min Hyuk and Yong Hwa repeated "i want to stay in taiwan" and after the translator translated, both jumped up in shock. LOL )

MC: Which taiwanese artistes do you want to work with?

CNBLUE: Fahrenheit, JayChou, Jolin Tsai, Mayday(woohoo,it will be interesting, 2 bands tgt)

MC: then the next time, we have a PK between taiwan topband and korea top band! (refering to mayday + cnblue)

Jungshin : i want to become the fan of Mayday! (the other members then gestured him to leave, HAHA!)

MC: what type of girls do you like?

Jungshin : I like girls with big heart and considerate.

Yonghwa : I like kind girls, someone who can understand me and give me 100% support

Jonghyun : I want a girl who can be happy with me

Minhyuk : Someone who is like friends, able to rely on each other
  ( then Minhyuk put his head on Yong and Yong used very soulful eyes to look at him!)

MC: Who is the most different offstage?

Minhyuk : Not sure

Yonghwa : Jung Shin. He is not like that offstage. On stage, he will always act pretty and shout "Ha!Ho!" He
feels that he is is the coolest when he sings Love shouting "ha!ho!", lol~

Jonghyun : Jung Shin has the longest legs so he is the most handsome

Jungshin : Quickly end this question, next~ lol

MC: So, when will you come to Taiwan to hold a full concert?

Jonghyun: As soon as possible!

Yonghwa: Maybe anytime!! So hope everyone will be anxious about it!

MC: Everyone is anxious all the time, because CNBLUE is leaving taiwan very soon

Jonghyun : Then prepare a house for us then (hahah!)

MC: Min Hyuk has a relative staying in taiwan, stay at that house will do.

Minhyuk : Ok~

MC: You composed many songs, which one are you most satisfied with?

Jonghyun : Lies

Yonghwa : Just Please, Y Why, One Time, I Don't Know Why, Tattoo (he sang one small part of each song)

Jonghyun : He is boasting...
(Yonghwa then sang Sweet Holiday to Min Hyuk and Minhyuk also sang along with it)

JS: Everyone is devoted into composing now, hope everyone will like it.

MC: When will you have chinese songs?

(everyone spontaneously sang some stuff in chinese)

Yonghwa : ”对不起,大家好我们CNBLUE,我是正信、我是敏赫、我是宗泫”
(sorry, everyone we are cnblue i am jung shin i am min hyuk i am jong hyun"

Minhyuk : "一起哈啰吧台湾"
(together hello taiwan~)

Jonghyun : "牛肉面好吃"
(beef noodles is delicious!)

Minhyuk : "下次来台湾"
(come to taiwan again~)
and there was spontaenous b-box.

MC: If not for CNBLUE, what kind of life will you be living now?

Jungshin :  Because i am into photography, i should be studying hard for it now.

Jonghyun : i will continue to do sports and become a sportsman

Yonghwa : I like accessories and shoes. maybe i will do designing, and present something really great to everyone

Minhyuk : i should be a really obedient student studying seriously, and sometimes watch CNBLUE together with friends (lol, babo, how will CNBLUE exist without Minhyuk )

Yonghwa : When CNBLUE has fansign, will you come?

Minhyuk : Yes.

MC: Those dreams can be fulfilled even if you are CNBLUE ah~

Jonghyun : Doing judo while playing guitar is REALLY WEIRD.

MC: Next time when Jungshin is playing guitar, he can also take photos, when Yonghwa doing Love Love Love, he can also draw (haha)

Yonghwa: No, it should be wearing 10 rings while playing guitar (omg,hahah!)

Jonghyun : all personally designed

MC: must we see the rings?

Yonghwa : the ring on my Right hand is given by fans, on it writes CNBLUE. it was a present for Jung Shin but i snatched it over. i really wanted to wear it.

MC: The one on the left hand, nobody would snatch... (YH's couple ring)

Yonghwa : ah... hahah if i take it out i will get scolded

MC : If you want to eat sweet potato, you can just buy it at the side. Back to the qtn, Minhyuk would be the busiest, he has to play the drums while signing

Yonghwa : minhyuk is already a BOICE. (haahaha)

MC : Most troublesome is, after he sign for someone, he realise he has to sign one more for himself (because he himself is a fan too. fan of himself?? hahahahahahah)

MC: Usually what do you like in your free time, that is not related to music?

JH: I Like to watch drama and think of lyrics while watching

YH: You see JH as such a manly figure, but he really likes to watch romantic and sad shows..

JS: When he watches action shows he can't write lyrics, when he watch romantic sad shows he will tear!

MC: So the one who tears the most is Jonghyun?

Jonghyun : Is Min Hyuk.

Yonghwa : Because of taiwan fans' passion towards us, MH Has already finished crying away 3 roll of tissue paper. (LOL!)

MC: Would you like to learn any other instruments?

Jungshin : I want to learn piano

Jonghyun : Now i feel that bass is very important, i want to learn bass

Yonghwa : I want to snatch MH's role. Synthetizer too. Next time i will show to everyone.

Minhyuk : Initially i play the piano, but i haven't trained for very long. now i want to relearn so that i can play it for everyone to hear the next time. and also Yong Hwa's recommendation.. (don't know what instrument)

author: jovena @ cnbluesgfc
Credits: jovena @ cnbluesgfc, daphne0831 @ cnblue baidu bar
Re-posted by: ninie@cnbluebeat

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